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For Healthy Pets

Over 150 articles on companion animal health written by authorities including Dr Jeff Feinman, a qualified vet and leading veterinary homeopath.

In these entertaining and informative pet health articles, Dr Jeff and guest writers cover important pet health areas including:

  • Diet discussion
  • New pets and training
  • Health Maintenance
  • Skin & Ear Care
  • Complementary Therapies plus some inspiring Pet Prose

For Sick Pets

Over 75 articles on why your pet might be sick, written by qualified vet and leading veterinarians including homeopath Dr Jeff Feinman.

In these accessible and authoritative articles on pet illness, Dr. Jeff and guest writers cover important issues including:

  • Pet Allergies & Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Pet Cancer & End of Life Care
  • Cat & Dog Metabolic & Heart Diseases
  • Pet Arthritis & Bone Diseases
  • Animal Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Pets Infectious Diseases
  • Brain and Nerve Diseases



  • Holistic Actions! Students Can Pick Dr. Jeff’s Brain
  • Support from like-minded companion animal guardians
  • Community Members Get Priority Responses To Their Questions.
  • Holistic Actions Students Get First Dibs for New Client Openings.

Dr. Jeff Feinman

Online Holistic Pet Community




  • Optimize athletic enjoyment
  • Enhance focus and performance speed
  • Speed recovery from injury
  • Eliminate performance anxieties

Dr. Jeff Feinman

Online Holistic Pet Peformance Advice




  • Prevent potential vaccine problems
  • Recognize early warning signs of vaccinosis
  • Quickly and effectively treat rabies miasm
  • Safely raise your pup or cat with few or no vaccines

Dr. Jeff Feinman

Online Holistic Knowledge Base




  • Purchase the same supplements that Dr. Jeff uses for his patients
  • Free product-related questions
  • Exclusive access to Dr. Jeff’s Holistic Pet Support products
  • Reliable product quality (avoid “grey market” supplements)

Dr. Jeff Feinman

Online Holistic Store

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  • Looking for a holistic way to look after your pets?….
  • Want to work with the body and not against it?
  • Do you want to preserve and increase vitality?
  • Do you want a science-based yet nurturing approach to healing?

Dr. Jeff Feinman

Online Holistic Vet Resources

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Join our Holistic Pet Care Community

Dr. Jeff's Holistic Pet Care Community


Pet Owners Forum

Your space to chat with other pet owners about everything pet health. Join our online pet community for instant access to a wealth of pet care topics, advice, and real-life experiences.

Feel free to browse our wide range of posts in pet training, diet and nutrition, vaccination issue, homeopathic treatments and more.

Or click on Create an account to register and join in the chat, or make a post yourself.

Unlike other pet forums, we don’t divide the forum into a Dog Forum and a Cat Forum, Instead, just choose the folder that covers your area of interest (e.g. New Pets and Training) and you’ll find fascinating and informative posts about training cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.

Dr Jeff is very active in this forum, and if you post, he’ll often be one of the replies you’ll see. However, if your pet has an urgent problem, you should consult your own vet as soon as possible and not wait for an online reply. See our page on new clients to join Dr Jeff’s personal veterinary practice for non-urgent inquiries.

become a new client

Harmony in life and living, homeopathy for health and healing

Please follow these three easy steps. They will help insure that Dr. Jeff Feinman’s practice is right for you and help optimize communication:

1) I believe that it is very important for all pet guardians to carefully select the veterinarians who will help care for their pets. Please take the time to read these short articles which will introduce you to my practice:

  • Introduction to Dr. Jeff’s Practice.
  • Services offered by Dr. Jeff.
  • What do clients say about Dr. Jeff’s care of their pets.
  • Common vs. normal conditions (early signs of internal imbalance).
  • How to raise a pet holistically.
  • Is my pet being palliated, suppressed, or moving towards cure?
  • Homeopathy FAQ and general information.

2) Please then fill out and submit the online new patient questionnaire form or download and complete the offline version of the form, then fax or mail the signed treatment authorization forms

3) Once you have submitted your information, please call 203-222-7979 to confirm receipt. You and Dr. Jeff will then briefly discuss treatment options.

I look forward to meeting you soon and starting along the path to optimal health through homeopathy.


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Looking for a healthy way to look after your pets?…

Interested in holistic veterinary care for your dogs or cats?

Want a different approach for your pet’s future wellbeing?

You’re in the right place!

At HomeVet, thousands of pet owners are discovering the best way to care for their pets, just like you. That information is all here, just for you; articles, discussions and information on pet care topics such as:

  • holistic vet treatment
  • homeopathic remedies for pets
  • dog and cat health
  • cat and dog diet advice
  • pet diseases and treatments
  • pet allergies
  • the value of annual vaccinations,
    and the alternatives
  • long-life pet healthcare
  • puppy and kitten training
  • and much more…

Dr Jeff Feinman, your online veterinary homeopath

Homevet was created for you the pet owner by me, Dr Jeff Feinman, a Certified Veterinary Homeopath in Connecticut. I’ve helped thousands of pets overcome illnesses, allergies and other immune disorders, and lead happy, healthy lives.

At my integrative veterinary practice in Weston, CT, I practice what I preach: that integrating conventional medical knowledge with homeopathic and natural care is the best way to raise healthy, long-lived pets and to care for sick ones. Find out here how to join my Homeopathic Veterinary Practice or discover more about my integrative vet services.

Homeopathic veterinary advice for all pet owners and vets. Wherever you are in the world, I can help your pets live healthy, natural lives by working with you and your local veterinary clinic. I consult right across the USA via phone and Skype, to find non-invasive solutions to your pet problems, from major diseases to ticks and fleas! Discover how to consult with Dr Jeff.

Holistic, homeopathic or integrative? I’m a homeopathic veterinarian and a ‘conventional’ qualified vet too, so your pet receives true integrative veterinary care with modern medical diagnoses but homeopathic therapeutics.

I take a holistic approach to your pet’s care, examining their physical, behavioral, lifestyle and environmental history, so we can get to the heart of their problem. Only then will I suggest treatments that will aid your pet’s recovery and promote future health. Click here for more info on how homeopathic treatment can help your pets.

Prevention is better than cure

Preventing chronic, degenerative disorders like arthritis, allergies, metabolic diseases and cancer is always better than treating them after they develop. Even after serious diseases like cancer have developed, there is still hope, as you’ll see from the experiences of real owners who share their stories in our Pet Forum.

So, I welcome you and your pets on this exciting holistic path of natural pet healthcare and healing!