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Why is Veterinary Homeopathy the Ultimate Holistic Therapy?


Are you concerned with your animal companion’s state of health?  Does s/he just not have that glow of good health?

Are you tired of having to treat the same conditions over and over again only to have them return as soon as the medicine runs out?

Worse yet, are you tired of seeing your companion get sicker and sicker as you give more and more medicine?

Maybe what you need is not more diagnostic tests and medicine but a different medical approach and philosophy.


In the holistic approach to health and wellness, the patient is at the center of the treatment plan.  A truly holistic approach treats the patient with the intent of increasing the level of vitality and well-being, rather than treating to simply subdue the symptoms of an artificial diagnosis.

The result of this approach is a patient who is healthier, more resilient, and less susceptible to the common maladies of life.


No other approach to medicine better fulfills the philosophy of holistic medicine than does Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is founded on the premise that symptoms seen in a patient are the result of an imbalance or disharmony in the Life Force.  
Rather than divide the symptoms into separate diagnoses and prescribe a different medicine for each diagnosis, the Homeopath seeks to find the common cause of all the symptoms and to find the single medicine which will bring the entire patient to health and wholeness.

With this premise, there is no condition in any patient which is not treatable with Homeopathy.  The Homeopath is not dependent on finding a diagnosis before treatment can begin but instead uses the entire complex of symptoms produced by the patient as a guide to the single medicine which will treat the entire patient.

The Homeopathic approach catalyzes health and wholeness in the patient.  The end result is a patient who is not compromised by chronic, recurrent disease.


To treat a patient Homeopathically, the Homeopath must gather as much information about the patient as is possible.  This will require an in-depth examination of the patient and interview with the care-giver.

Sometimes in complex cases, diagnostic tests may be run or the services of other individuals such as body workers or animal communicators may be used to gather more information.

Once all the details about the patient have been gathered, the Homeopath, following the specific techniques of Homeopathy, searches for the single medicine which will address all the symptoms seen in the patient.  By treating the patient with a single medicine, the Homeopath can avoid the complications caused by multiple concurrent medications so common in conventional medicine today.

When this single medicine based on the complete array of symptoms of the patient is found, it is given in the least dose at the greatest interval necessary to catalyze healing changes in the patient.  

After the medicine is selected and given, the care-giver observes the patient for changes in the symptom pattern and reports these changes to the Homeopath.  In this way, and only in this way, can the Homeopath be directed to the appropriate therapeutic measures in the future.

Because of the individualized nature of the Homeopathic treatment, each medicine, each dose, and each dosing schedule is tailored to the specific needs and nature of the patient.

In the following articles we will explore these concepts more in-depth from philosophy to application.

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