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What Is The Best Way to Feed My Pet?

Nutrition is perhaps the most intimate and important of individual biological experiences.

It provides the substrate from which all anatomy and physiology is derived and is a critical communication between environment and soma. When food is consumed, the external environment is literally internalized. In our age of bounty, convenience, and self-indulgence, food is viewed more as recreation than a necessity to life and health.

Most significantly, the intrusion of technology into feeding would lead us to believe that eating is complex beyond the capabilities of all but credentialed experts. Nevertheless,this fact remains: With the exception of that infinitesimally small portion occupied by modern humans, all biota finds nutrition to be no mystery. Life itself would not exist if this were not true.

All life, including the most erudite and technically sophisticated nutritionist, lives because eons of forbearers lived and had health eating what nature provided without alteration. So yes, nutrition is important. But no, it is not complicated. (Although what follows may seem to belie this, a technical explanation is the only means to convince the technically sophisticated that something is, in actual fact, simple.)

All answers to all questions come from nature. Our sciences merely attempt to reveal what is already there. None of our knowledge is true innovation or creation, it is mere discovery. The answer to the question of what is the appropriate diet to create and maintain health therefore must lie within nature itself. Nature reveals three characteristics of proper diet.

  • First, it is archetypal – it is that food to which the organism is adapted in the wild setting.
  • Second, it is optimal – its quantity and quality are sufficient to meet the biochemical individuality of the entire diverse population.
  • Third, it is alive – food is by nature comprised of other living elements, both plant and animal. The novel nutritional approach embodied in Wysong Rx culminates ove

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