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What Do Clients Say About Treatment With Dr. Jeff?


“You are one of the good guys”.  
    PN and JW, Westport, CT

“Your diagnostic abilities combined with compassionate treatment of both of us are greatly appreciated”.
    S.F., Stamford, CT

“A thank you just isn’t enough.  What you gave to me was genuine caring and compassion.  We are so appreciative. The homeopathic remedy was amazing in how it worked to give her such relief.”
    L.L.,  Indiana, PA

“I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have found you (thank goodness for the internet).  You are a wonderful person and a fantastic doctor.”
    Y.L., Cherry Hill, NJ

“Your knowledge, compassion, and subtle humor among other qualities make you THE BEST”.
    PL, Greenwich, CT

 “We’re both profoundly grateful to you for your astute and intuitive care”.
    C.O., Easton, CT 

 “You are appreciated for all the work you have successfully done with our dogs. They are back to normal.”
    D.D., Norwalk, CT

 “We were so comforted by your kindness and compassion. I know that homeopathy gave Max at least three extra years with us.”
    LB, Westport CT

 “Your gentleness, sincerity and thoughtfulness have meant so much to us.  I wish there were more people like you in the world.”
    C. L. J. & H. S., Westport, CT

 “Thank you so much for your continued patience and support.  We love you dearly.  Bless you always.”
    J & S. F., Weston, CT

 “You have no idea what your loving care has meant to us. Your sensitivity has touched us all.”
    B.H., Greenwich, CT

 “My entire family wants to tell you how much we appreciate your help.”
    M.S., Great Neck, NY

 “You truly went “above and beyond” the call of duty for Kitty (and for us).  And we will always be grateful for that.”
    J.L., Boston, MA

 “We are very grateful for your gentle caring manner and  professional skill.”
    N.H., Greenwich, CT

 “Thank you for your kindness, your compassion and your generosity.”

    J.P., Norwalk, CT

 “She would never have lived the additional years without your care.”
    D.R., Norwalk, CT

 “Thank you for being such a caring vet and good friend to our animals. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.”
    P.P., Boise, ID

 “I don’t know what we would have done without you.”
    D.B., Boston, MA

 “You are a caring person who has a natural gift.  Your way with animals is wonderful”
    L.H., Stamford, CT

 “Thank you, Dr. Feinman, for all you have done for animals by studying and using homeopathy in your practice. You are good people!”
    G.M, from the web

 “You are a very special doctor and person.”
    F.R., Norwalk, CT

“I feel so much better knowing that my cat has such professional and loving medical care from you.”
    D.H., Westport, CT

“If human doctors could have one eighth of your compassion it would be great.”
    L.L., Norwalk, CT

“It’s wonderful to know that there are people like you in the world.”
    L. & T.D., Norwalk, CT

“Thank you for your help in curing our pet.”
    M.P.’s fifth grade class

“Thank you is a small thing to say to someone who did so much to help the orphans in the pound get into a REAL home.”
    Adoption Agency, Greenwich, CT

“I am especially grateful for your expertise, honesty, and special caring.”
    G.O., Westport, CT

“You give the best possible care that a cat could hope for.”
    N.S., Westport, CT

“Our dog was able to enjoy her last year of life because of you.”
    M.M., New Canaan, CT

 “I was sincerely impressed with your obvious love of animals and for your professionalism and caring.”
    J.M., Stamford, CT

“You are kindness itself.”
    A.B., New York, NY

“Your professional manner and gentle way guided us through a difficult time.”
    C.P., Boston, MA

“Thanks so much for your excellent care over the past thirteen years. You pulled my dog out of many tough situations over the years.”
    D.W., Avon, CT

“Your overwhelming knowledge of medicine and homeopathy has made me one of your biggest fans”.
    N.M., Weston, CT

“You are very much a hero in our eyes”.
    G.C., Amesbury, MA

 “You went above and many times over the years. You were there when we needed you most. It sets you apart as a vet and as a person.”
    M.E., Littleton, MA

 “Your thoughtfulness, expertise and hopeful outlook have really buoyed us.”
    F.R., Norwalk, CT

 “You are an incredibly special doctor, unlike anyone who has ever cared for my “kids”.
    L.D., Westport, CT

 “We have been very lucky to have a veterinarian who so lovingly cares for all of us.  We are always able to count on you for our cat’s total well being.”
    M.G., Fairfield, CT

 “You’re just the very best vet in the world. You give 100% to your profession.”
    B.M., Stamford, CT

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