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What Can I Do About a Pet with Megaesophagus?

The esophagus connects the throat to the stomach. Several disease processes can cause serious problems due to dilation of the esophagus.

When food is perceived in the esophagus, a neurologic reflex causing sequential muscle contraction and relaxation leads to rapid transport of the food into the stomach, like an elevator going down. Other reflexes prevent breathing during this swallowing process to protect the lungs from aspiration.

When these reflexes are interrupted such as by disease in the esophageal tissue or nerve disease, the esophagus loses its ability to transport food. Instead the esophagus loses all tone and dilates. Also, the reflex protecting the lung is disrupted and aspiration pneumonia commonly follows.

Learn much more about vomiting, regurgitation and megaesophagus including some cool x-rays:

Here are some wonderful resources for pet parents of a megaesophagus patient:

NB: Like most chronic gastrointestinal diseases, I advise homeopathic holistic treatment of these patients. Acute situations like aspiration pneumonia may arise during management. Succesful resolution by working with the bodyis critical for long-term quality of life.–Dr. Jeff


Please note: The information provided here is intended to supplement the recommendations of your veterinarian. Do not disregard veterinary advice or delay treatment based on information on this site. Nothing can replace a complete history and physical examination performed by your veterinarian. -Dr. Jeff