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What Are Dr. Jeff’s Thoughts about Annual Vaccinations for My Pet?

In 2011 Catherine O’Driscoll sent out a survey to veterinarians regarding their views on vaccination.

She received replies from many holistically-oriented and some conventional veterinarians.

These are Dr. Jeff Feinman’s opinions about the vaccine issue (with a link at the bottom of the page to learn more and to add your own thoughts):


“My training in vet school was not complete with regard to the harmful effects that vaccines have on the immune system.  The scientific evidence was not properly explored by the eighties. Vaccines were allegedly designed to help stimulate immunity.  Current research is proving just the opposite however.  Even my graduate school immunology course (attended mainly by MD students) was incomplete.

“I didn’t notice vaccine reactions when I first went into practice – I wasn’t fully observant for about ten years.  Now I’m able to say that arthritis, skin disease/allergies, all autoimmune diseases, and cancer can be correlated with vaccination.

“Now I will vaccinate only as required by law and then only if the animal’s internal health has already been optimized. Energetic treatment with homeopathy is extremely important both before and after vaccination, especially if there are any observed changes or ill effects after vaccination.

“Pet owners are usually trying to do their best for their pets by following their vet’s advice.  Whilst I believe that annual examination and non-invasive diagnostics are indispensable, annual ‘routine’ vaccination is scientifically unfounded.  Pet owners need to take more control over everything done to their beloved pets – in all situations – even when one vet says that a potentially harmful procedure is OK.

“I personally don’t feel that there’s any professional pressure on me to keep quiet about the vaccine issue.  I believe that I belong to a true healing profession, mostly with good intentions but often too busy to stay current with advances in vaccinology.

“With regard to the pharmaceutical industry, I believe that it has minimal to moderate influence on the veterinary profession.  Only a few companies directly influence veterinary students.  They have more influence on professors by funding research studies. Increasingly aggressive marketing to pet owners is a problem, however.  Marketing ‘fibs’ is one of the top ten obstacles to holistic treatment of pets.”



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