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Watch This Worthwhile Movie (“Thrive”) to Better Understand the Energy of Life

This extremely informative, well-researched and very well-produced movie should be seen by everyone. It takes a global holistic perspective. Foster Gamble (from the Proctor and Gamble family) funded this film and it therefore has an intriguing financial point of view.

The cosmology at the beginning of the movie is worth watching (though it may seem “far out”). Energetic and holistic healing, environmental and universal energy etc. It is all related.

An excerpt from thrivemovement.com:

“Problems in the health care industry are deep and widespread. Pharmaceuticals are pushing more and more drugs and making more and more money; insurance companies are turning down people most in need of health care; per-capita spending is higher in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world; health care costs are rising about 6% every year; and Americans are not getting any healthier.

One thing is clear: our current system, which is working so poorly, needs a thorough transformation. This is not an easy task and many people have devoted their whole lives to creating a better health care system. This section highlights various compelling models and ideas, many of which have been adopted in other countries or are promoted by experts in the field.


When Matt Zerden, a Harvard Medical student suspected his professor of receiving drug funding after promoting cholesterol drugs in class, the issue became a hot topic at Harvard Medical school. The full-time Harvard faculty member turned out to be a paid consultant for ten pharmaceuticals, five of which manufactured cholesterol drugs.

This is not uncommon as is made clear by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) which ranks 150 Medical schools according to their ties to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2008, AMSA revealed that drug companies gave more than $11.5 million to Harvard for research and education and that 1,600 of 8,900 professors and lecturers admitted ties to the drug industry.  Harvard Medical School received an “F” – the worst possible grade – from AMSA.

Once these ties were revealed, more than 200 Harvard Medical students pressed for change and the school administration responded. Harvard professors and lecturers are now required to disclose their industry ties in class (one professor listed 47 company affiliations) and a committee has been formed to review the school’s policies surrounding conflicts of interest.” (source=The New York Times. Harvard Medical School in Ethics Quandary by Duff Wilson. March 3, 2009)

I’d love to read your comments about this provocative movie.


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I'm sending my prayers and best wishes to everyone throughout the world that has been affected by this historic pandemic. My hope is for a better balance of the world and greater empowerment for all as soon as possible. Here are 4 actions that can be used today to improve immune resistance to any virus or bacteria:

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2. Eat darkly colored fresh vegetables and fruit such as wild blueberries and kale.

3. Do at least 50 HA! breaths just say ha loudly) daily. These forceful expulsions of air help maintain good lung function and can help you detect respiratory problems early. Laughter, coughing and Kapalabhati breathing (from yoga) are three other easy ways to do this.

4. Experience positive emotions, like the sense of awe, when we witness the renewal of nature. Stay safe, Vital and healthy”

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