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The Spirit of Daphane: Poetry on the death of a dog.


Lisa sends this poem with love, to Daphane, Bernese Mountain Dog; April 20, 1983 – August 23, 1993.

Joyous wonder donned in black,
Precious bundle heaven-sent,
Dancing eyes inviting play,
Tomorrows all together spent. When you were yet in whelping box,
Full of promise, nursing there,
Soft and cuddly, curious,
A ball of fur, my teddy bear,
I asked God that you never know
Deprivation, pain, or woe,
And that those who handled you,
Be of kindred spirit too.
They say that one heart feels another;
Know that when you ache, I bleed.
I give to you as your birthright
No cause for worry, unmet need. Majestic beauty standing poised,
White booted angel, come to me.
Let my love take you to the stars
And guide you through eternity!

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