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Tell Me More About the Pet Food Industry

Are the ingredients in commercial pet food healthful? What about the many pet food recalls?

How can I possibly feed my pet a complete and balanced diet? Aren’t the nutritionists employed by pet food companies more knowledgeable than I am?

These and many other questions are addressed in this excellent documentary. Watch it now for other shocking insider information.

You may have noticed that YouTube removed the video. This article disusses why this informative (some would say inflammatory and inaccurate) piece was not shown by CNBC. Presumably,  it was removed from YouTube due to copyright issues.

This page contains a TV news video story (scroll down beyond the hard-working cats) about a pet owner whose dog almost ate metal clips that were in a can of “Super Premium” dog food.

About twenty years ago, I personally had a Maine Coon patient that needed surgery for an obstruction. The pet food company paid the entire bill for this surgery caused by eating indigestible pet food can contents. 

FWIW, here’s more info about the documentary (which I will continue to try and find somewhere online):


By: Erin Kitzie

“Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast” will premiere on Thursday, February 10th at 10pm and will repeat that evening at 1am.

The documentary will also repeat on Sunday, February 13th at 10pm.

When a major recall rocks the $16 billion dollar pet food business, pet owners and governments take notice. “Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast” takes you inside the industry and looks at what caused 50,000 pets to fall seriously ill in North America. “Pet Food” shows you what is being done to regulate what our dogs and cats eat and tries to answer the ultimate question, is your pet’s food safe?

I finally found it again! Click here and scroll down.

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