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Understanding Cancer: How and Why We Get It


We all produce new and replacement cells every day, many millions of them each week. All our bones, all our fluids and all our tissues are made of cells and all of these are regularly checked and replaced as required or according to an average life expectancy or utility of each and every type of cell or tissue. Some of these replacements are defective (maybe more in this age than before). We do have however a marvellous Immune system which is constantly alert and checking all new cells, all old cells, all damaged cells, all foreign cells and constantly digesting and recycling them to keep us well and free from all illness including Cancer.


Cancer develops when the Immune System can’t keep up with the job at hand.


Continue reading to understand more about developing the cancerous state:


NB: There are many factors involved in the development of cancer.  It is a process and not really a disease. Prevention is key.  Great nutrition, no (or very few and none at a young age) vaccinations and working through (and not suppressing) the symptoms manifest by the body, are critical.–Dr. Jeff