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Introduction To Dr. Jeff’s Homeopathic Veterinary Practice

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Jeff’s practice. He offers both preventive care as well as management of chronic diseases.

This practice emphasizes working through symptoms rather than working against them (e.g. with ANTI-inflammatories). Symptoms are clues that your pets’ bodies give us to help them stay and get well. Homeopathic medicines, optimizing lifestyle and clinical nutrition are the main therapeutic modalities used.

In this practice, symptoms are embraced and will never be suppressed with “routine” drugs or prevented with vaccines. In addition, you will be asked to feed a fresh and unprocessed (not necessarily raw) food to help your pets heal using their natural Vitality.

The best time to begin holistic preventive care is before your pets get sick and ideally when they are puppies or kittens. However, since you may not start until later in life, problems may have already arisen (and been suppressed). These can take longer up to months and years of treatment to make significant progress. Patience and perseverance are directly related to successful treatment outcomes.

Large part of Dr. Jeff’s practice is management of chronic and degenerative disorders, such as recurrent ear and skin “infections”, arthritis, allergies, metabolic/endocrine imbalances and cancer. In these cases, a diagnostic workup may be recommended because appropriate test results can sometimes help quantify the disease process.

Ascertaining the degree of structural pathology (if any) will help me determine a prognosis and treatment plan. Length of treatment will depend upon the duration and depth of the condition and number of and response to prior suppressions. Most acute situations can be properly resolved over a few days or weeks, whereas lifelong problems can take 1-3 years or more.

During treatment, you will be asked to gradually discontinue (when possible) conventional drugs such as antibiotics and steroids. This will help your pet’s body heal naturally. Using any “anti”-drug (e.g. anti-biotic or anti-inflammatory) during homeopathic treatment is like trying to drive your car with the brakes on. If other symptoms appear during treatment (or if older, previous conditions return) you will be expected to contact Dr. Jeff for an appropriate response, rather than use drugs that you may have used before. Dr. Jeff Feinman’s bio is here.


Holistic Actions! membership

The first thing to know is that you may not need a private appointment as many of Dr. Jeff’s practice resources and support are also available to Holistic Actions! (HA!) student-member-clients. Holistic Actions! membership costs $27 per month and includes 1 hour weekly live online group support during Pet Health webinars, one 15min monthly guidance call with Dr. Jeff or other faculty member for an additional cost of $27, unlimited forum support. The usual private hourly rate is $240 so these 4+hours of monthly support would otherwise cost $960.

Private consultations

If you still prefer to individualize your pet privately, initial evaluations typically last 1-2 hours. Older and more complicated cases may need 2-3 hours and Dr. Jeff will help you determine appointment length once he reviews your new client application. Most phone or Skype rechecks last around 20-30 minutes. In office appointments for examination and updates are ~45 minutes.

Appointments are billed in 5 minute increments. A current credit card or valid PayPal address will be kept on file, and payment is expected at the time services are rendered (no billing). Dr. Jeff and Amy work with all of the pet insurance companies, including Pet Plan and Embrace, which are among those that cover veterinary homeopathic treatment.

There is a $25 missed appointment charge if your appointment is not canceled 24 hours in advance. Due to the length of new patient initial evaluations, there is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your first visit.

You can also prepay part or all of your appointment and they will then be credited to your account.

Healthy-pet routine care costs the same as going to the conventional veterinary clinic and it will save you money. A complete healthy pet annual consultation usually lasts ~30 minutes and are extremely important to maintain your pet’s quality of life and longevity. Maintaining optimal health, prevents serious dis-ease later in life (and dramatically reduces future veterinary costs).

If you have not spoken with Dr. Jeff to “fine-tune” your pet in the past year, you are considered to be a new client of the practice.

If Dr. Jeff’s practice sounds like a good fit for you and your pets, click the button below and follow the steps to sign up.

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What some clients have to say

“Thank you for being such an extraordinary doctor and person. If all doctors of people and animals were as dedicated as you, there would be a great deal less suffering in the world and a whole lot more happiness.”
K.K., Wilton, CT

“I have visited numerous veterinarians over the years and I have never met anyone quite like you.  You not only calm my animals but you also calm me as well.  Medically speaking you are unsurpassed.”
D.M., Westport, CT

“The fact that Rosie actually enjoyed going to see you is a testament to your loving care, your kindness and gentleness. We know that the quality of her life was the best it could ever be thanks to gentle homeopathic care.”
V & J.S., Easton, CT

“We have noticed a marked improvement in our dog’s energy level, alertness and mood. You have taken such good care of him for the past 14 years, and I have no doubt that he’s made it to 15 with a wonderful quality of life – in no small part – because of your skill, knowledge and humanity. We will be forever grateful.”

C & T.Q., Westport, CT

“We have had several veterinarians prior to you, and not once have we experienced the wonderful services and care that you offer.”
R.V., Westport, CT

“Thank you for the excellent care you gave to my dog throughout his life. You always made sure that you were available and reachable during all of his crises.  This sets you apart…”
D.A., Bridgeport, CT

“You are everything we hoped for in a vet. Your willingness to research, try and your patience and skill are what we want for our dogs.”
L.S., Greenwich, CT & Belgium

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Every extra day has been an absolute gift. Its especially satisfying to not have destroyed his body or quality of life in the process of keeping him alive.”
J.B., Milford, CT

“Thanks for your incredibly professional and expert care.  I am very fortunate that my dog has such a fantastic holistic doctor who not only helps him but also cares for his family.”
V.F., New Canaan, CT

“You are the best vet anyone could ask for. Your gentle manner, patient explanations, accessibility and responsiveness have provided a lot of reassurance over the years.”
V.G., Westport, CT