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How Do I Decide If I Need To Find a Surgical Specialist?


Your veterinary medical “team” should be made up of you, the general practice veterinarian the AVH Board certified veterinary homeopath (CVH), and a specialist when needed.


Difficult surgical cases may be best managed by a specialist. When a referral is indicated, your veterinary homeopath will discuss this process you.


The ACVS’s (surgical Board) five questions to ask your vet before your pet has a surgical procedure:


  1. “How often does your vet perform this surgery?
  2. Does the surgery require special equipment and is it readily available?
  3. Does my pet’s surgery require a specialist?
  4. What should I expect the outcome of the surgery to be?
  5. What follow-up care is necessary?”


And I would add a sixth and seventh questions:


  1. Which anesthetic protocol will be used?
  2. Will my pet be monitored closely by trained personnel (other than the surgeon) both during and after surgical anesthesia?

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