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What are the most Common Methods Used by Dr. Jeff Feinman for Dosing Homeopathic Remedies?

These techniques include Dr. Jeff’s medical record abbreviations (in parenthesis) to help you send succinct updates.

All of the homeopathic remedies prescribed by Dr. Jeff should be first mixed with 8 oz. of bottled, filtered, distilled, or reverse osmosis water.

All remedies should be succussed (whacked against the palm of your hand, a soft book, or a padded counter) prior to administration (see LM preparation handout).

Succuss the brown or blue bottle (typically you should start with 10 succussions).

If you are obtaining the remedy yourself please tap out 1 large pellet from the vial. If it is a remedy from one of the emergency kits obtained from Dr. Feinman, please tap out a few of the poppy seed-sized pillules into the remedy bottle cap. Add these to the cup of water.

Dr. Jeff prescribes homeopathic medicines in brown or blue dropper bottles. Homeopathic remedies prepared in brown bottles are usually “LM” remedies whereas those in blue bottles are typically “c” remedies

From the cup of water that you just made, please administer the prescribed dose. You can either use a neutralized* syringe or fresh teaspoon.

Certain patients are very sensitive to  the homeopathic remedy. We therefore further reduce the dose by diluting the dilution that you just made up in the cup.

All of these double dilution (dd) methods start with the solution that you prepared as described above.

  1. A “regular” double dilution is made by transferring 1 teaspoon from the first cup (into which you added the homeopathic remedy) to a second cup of water. The dose is given to your pet from this second cup.
  2. Double dilution using the cup method (ddc): Add the remedy (from the brown or blue bottle) to the cup of water. Then empty out this cup (I personally give it to a plant). Into this “empty” cup please then add 8 oz. of water. Give the solution a stir using a fresh spoon (not the one that you used initially to make the first cup). Administer the dose from this cup.
  3. Double dilution using the spoon method (dds):This method of double diluting can be used when making remedies from pellets. It allows preserving the original cup of solution that you make (please always save the solution when you make it from pellets). Stir the solution with a teaspoon. Lift the spoon out of the solution so that everything empties back into the cup. Then please stir the spoon into a second cup of plain (no remedy added yet) water. Dose from this second cup.
  4. To prepare a dose for olfaction (“whiffing”) prepare the remedy as a typical single dilution (in 8 oz. of water). Using a wide-mouthed cup/container is preferable. Hold the solution that you prepared under your pets’ nostrils. When you see them flare a little, s/he has gotten the dose. It is sometimes helpful to lightly pinch the nostrils together as this usually facilitates whiffing.

These methods will facilitate gentle, gradual improvement in your pet’s dis-eases.

Please read my article about the importance of the size of the dose if you want to learn more about homeopathic remedy dosing.

*Neutralize syringes, teaspoons and cups using boiling water or by running them through the dishwasher (which typically uses water above 120 degrees). Remove syringe plungers prior to neutralizing.

As always, please contact Dr. Jeff if you have any questions.