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Another Client Review of Dr. Jeff Feinman’s care for Clyde. An almost 16 Year Old Maltese with Liver and Neurologic Disease.

Dear Dr. Feinman,
Well you’ve done it again!!
Both Tom and I have noticed a marked improvement in Clydie’s energy level, alertness and interest in being part of whatever activity is going on around him. This change became noticeable around the third week after starting him on the Rx Essentials and Pet G.O.
At first, I thought it was wishful thinking on my part, but once Tom and I compared notes, we realized that we were seeing the same changes.
You have taken such good care of Clydie for the past 14 years, and I have no doubt that he’s made it to 15 with a wonderful quality of life – in no small part – because of your skill, knowledge and humanity. Tom and I will be forever grateful.

Optimizing Your Communication with Dr. Jeff Feinman

We all want our pets to maintain their health and recover quickly when sick.

  • Towards that end, clear communication is critical.
  • This is true for excellent healthcare of any kind.

Communication is especially important for high quality homeopathic healthcare.

Currently, the best way to individualize care for your pet is during an appointment (phone/Skype or office).

You can schedule any appointment by Clicking / Tapping Here.

Clients who are also Holistic Actions! students can attend weekly live webinars with Dr. Jeff and asking any questions on the HA! forum. Click /Tap Here for more information about HA! membership.

HA! students learn to use the Vitality and Balance System of homeopathy for themselves.
Dr. Jeff teaches HA! students to “fish”.

  • Please note that by the end of 2020 Dr. Jeff will only be working with client-students.
  • Email updates from clients are reviewed from 9am-6pm ET on the clinic days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday until 1pm.
  • Email updates from client-students are reviewed on the other days as well.
  • In addition, due to a large number of emails and their filtering into spam email boxes, your message may be inadvertently missed.

To prevent this and to facilitate communication, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Call 203-222-7979 and leave a quick message whenever you send an update (please use my client-specific address of drjeff@certifiedvethomeopath.com). Include any questions along with a web form update.
  • Include the word “update” in the subject line of all messages you send (even if they are not full updates).
  • Please try to avoid sending frequent short e-mails (vs. full web form updates) as this can slow treatment evaluation for your pets.

The web form allows the most effective method to evaluate your update.

If you have an urgent situation, please do not rely solely on an e-mail message.  Please seek emergency care.

If time allows, write down the details of the problem and send them to Dr. Jeff and call 203-222-7979.

Email messages and updates will often become part of your pet’s medical records.  They therefore may be read by other veterinarians, insurance providers, etc.

Email treatment recommendations and other information are individualized for you and your pet. This personalized information is not meant to be shared with others, on the web, e-mail lists, etc.  Doing so will be considered a breach of confidentiality.

Thanks so much for reviewing and adhering to these guidelines!

Be well.

Why Conventional Medicine is not Scientific

This topic occurred to me at a point when there was the rather frequent comparison of homeopathy to allopathy in terms of whether or not homeopathy was scientific medicine and I realized that the whole discussion was upside down. It is actually homeopathy that is closest to being scientific and almost all other forms of medicine are not (though there would be strenuous objections to that statement). Continue…

How To Ask Dr. Jeff a Question About Your Pet

The best way to ask Dr. Jeff a holistic medical question about your pet is during a patient consultation. Of course, you first need to be a client of Dr. Jeff’s to use this method.

Users of this site have 3 additional options:

  • The preferred method is to connect with Dr. Feinman on Facebook. Please enter your pet question or problem along with the information requested below.
  • The second method is to use the #askdrjeff hashtag on Twitter. Please ask your general question and Dr. Feinman will request other details as needed.
  • The third method is to visit the appropriate folder on the Pet Chat forum here on homevet.com. Dr. Feinman as well as other posters on the board will see your query and respond when possible.

If you are posting on Facebook or the forum please provide the following details: Your pet’s problem (or your general question), pet name, species and breed, sex and whether spayed or neutered, vaccinations, diet, and other problems and diagnoses.

Dr. Jeff will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please refer any urgent questions to your local veterinarian for immediate attention.


Please note: The information provided on this site and through “Ask Dr. Jeff” queries is intended to supplement the recommendations of your veterinarian. Do not disregard veterinary advice or delay treatment based on information on this site. Nothing can replace a complete history and physical examination performed by your veterinarian. -Dr. Jeff