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Start Here To Get Help for Your Companion Animals

Thanks so much for your interest in helping your companion animal’s with homeopathy.

It’s an awesome way to help your pets with sudden health challenges as well as to prevent and manage chronic dis-eases using their Vitality and Balance.

In order to help more pet parents make mindful holistic medical decisions all of my new clients are also members of Holistic Actions! (HA!).

See the video below to learn more about HA! and HMDM™ (Holistic Medical Decision Making).

Full Holistic Actions! members, receive live online group mentoring every week.

These 4 hours/month are used both to update the community about your animals as well as to learn how you can work with their bodies to help them.

In addition, you can get 1:1 help from myself and all of the HA! faculty and community in our private forum (which is not on Facebook), and all of our webinars, meetings and other resources will be available to you 24/7.

Help when you need it.

Click here if you’d like to join us.

If you are already a student-member and would like to work privately with me, please read and submit the information on this page.

But only apply if you are already onboard and are ready to do the “work” of pro-actively promoting wellness instead of just fighting dis-ease.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff

HMDM intro 6-16-17 Final 2 from Dr. Jeff Feinman on Vimeo.

Do you have a sick animal?

If so take a moment and head over to Holistic Actions where you will:

Feel more confident making HOLISTIC MEDICAL DECISIONS

Focus on PREVENTION and avoid un-needed and expensive diagnostics and treatments

Enhance your pets QUALITY OF LIFE and HAPPINESS

You can now find Dr. Jeff at Holistic Actions!