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Should Veterinary Homeopathy Be Offered as a Treatment Option?

What follows is an excerpt of an article from a popular pet health site. In it the author discusses the importance of being fully informed when deciding what is best for your pet. My comments (as well as my response to a comment to my comment) can also be read there.
Pet owners are looking for veterinary care across the entire spectrum of what’s available.

Some want what is the current “state of the art” regardless of price and prognosis. Others think spending thousands on a pet that has been diagnosed with a terminal disease is crazy. The problem, from a veterinarian’s point of view, is that we need to give the same information to both.
I try to inform my clients about the range of options available to them, but unless I’ve worked with the owner before, I’m bound to rub someone the wrong way at one end of the spectrum or the other. If I’m dealing with an “it’s just an animal” type and mention the option of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, I’ll likely get a “you’re just in it for the money” look. When I bring up euthanasia as an option to a “let’s do everything possible” client, I may be accused of giving up too soon. Most pet owners fall somewhere between these two extremes. They are interested in hearing what’s available to them, but will quickly exclude those alternatives they deem unreasonable.

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Dr. Jeff’s thoughts about providing treatment options can be read as comment #1 to the article and will also be reproduced at homevet.com