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Zen Dog Healing Ear Gel-2 oz.


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An amazing and unique product formulated with Dr. Willard’s water!

Zen Dog Gentle Ear Healing Gel

Formulated using pure Aloe & Vitamin E, along with a Lavender, and citrus blend of essential oils.

• This “gentle gel” replaces synthetic ear cleaners with natural ingredients that are soothing to delicate ear membranes
• Tackles the toughest of ear problems gently, yet thoroughly & naturally.
• Helps to regenerate healthy skin tissue necessary for proper healing.
• Greatly reduces “Self-inflicted injuries” caused by excessive scratching.
• Leaves no greasy/oily residue buildup. A “plus & must” for coated and show dogs.

Suggested Applications

• Always shake well before use.
• Gently squeeze into the ear, rubbing the ear externally to distribute accordingly.
• Let your dog shake to further loosen debris.
• Gently clean the ear with a cotton ball.
• Re-apply a small amount to be left in the ears for additional medicinal benefits.
• For continued soothing & healing effects, re-apply as often as desired (The more often applied, the better/faster the results.)

Use in conjunction with Zen Dog Ear Wash for optimal ear hygiene maintenance.

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