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Trixsyn liquid (hyaluronan) up to 44 lbs.


Help your pet’s joints with this innovative product. Now available for oral administration and no longer just by injections!

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Help your pet’s joints with this innovative product. Now available for oral administration and no longer just by injections!

Better than glucosamine and chondroitin?


A recent study concluded that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate were no more effective at slowing cartilage loss in arthritis than sugar pills. The results of various studies regarding the effectiveness of glucosamine and chondroiton sulfate have been debated for years, but it now appears that the debate is over. The study, funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, confirms the findings of other studies showing glucosamine and chondroiton sulfate have little or no effect in stabilizing or preventing cartilage loss. Dr. Jolanda Cibere, Rheumatologist and osteoarthritis investigator at the Arthritis Research Center of Canada, also recently completed a six month double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation on the effectiveness of glucosamine concluding there was no benefit for joint health maintenance.

Hyaluronan is the biomacromolecule most directly responsible for joint health. It is the major component of synovial fluid and is responsible for the structural and metabolic integrity of articular cartilage.

Hyaluronan is a vital, bioactive molecule found naturally in all the body’s tissues and fluids. It retains moisture in the skin, lubricates and maintains healthy connective tissues, and provides shock absorption and lubrication to the joints. Long molecular chains of hyaluronan are also the primary constituents of vertebral disks, absorbing shock, and lubricating the core of the spine. Bones consist of osseous tissue that makes up the skeletal system, supports the body, protects vital organs, facilitates locomotion and mineral storage. The formation and differentiation of stem cells including red and white blood cells are just some of hyaluronan’s many roles in the body.

Hyaluronan plays a vital role in bone’s extracellular matrix. Hyaluronan influences the growth and differentiation of cells in the bone marrow, accelerating new bone formation. Hyaluronan also aids the bone repair process following a fracture including the early inflammatory stage, the repair stage, and the remodeling stage. Osteoblasts are active throughout the repair process, and are vital to the overall healing of the bone by replacing cartilage with cancellous (spongy) bone forming a bridge between fracture fragments. Hyaluronan supplementation has a stimulatory effect on osteoblasts, enhances cell growth and increases bone mineralization, contributing to the overall bone repair process.

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