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OcluVet nutritional eyedrops-15ml


OcluVet nutrients are utilized by the lens of the eye to repair and maintain damaged proteins.

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OcluVet is a potent combination of 6 different nutrients utilized by the ocular lens to repair and maintain damaged proteins.

Scientifically Formulated, Clinically Tested

In a multi-veterinary hospital clinical study of cataract and lenticular sclerosis conditions in several animal species,
83% showed a measurable reduction in opacity and/or improved acuity.

Administration of 1 drop per eye 3x/day was given for 8 weeks followed by 1 drop per day adminstration for maintenance.

Key Ingredients in OcluVet’s Patent-Pending Formula

•L-Carnosine (A powerful antioxidant. Immediately neutralizes free radicals and is a glycosylation and protein crosslinking inhibitor)
•N-Acetyl L-Carnosine (Provides the same activity as L-Carnosine but with longer residence time in the cells.)
•L-Taurine (Antioxidant, detoxifying activity. Helps stabilize cell membrane, modulation of cellular calcium levels.)
•Glutathione (The most important, powerful antioxidant in the lens. Critical in protecting protein, DNA repair.)
•Riboflavin (A water soluble vitamin (B-2). Vital for the synthesis and recycling of Glutathione.)
•Cysteine Ascorbate (A water stable source of vitamin C and L- cysteine, necessary for matabolism of Glutathione.)

Two clinical trials have been completed to test the OcluVet formulation in patients with lens opacities ranging from lenticular sclerosis to hypermature cataract.

One trial was conducted by a researcher at the University of Cambridge, Dr. David L. Williams, MA VetMB PhD CertVOphthal MRCVS (results published 9/2006 Veterinary Ophthalmology). He reported that 47 of the 57 eyes (82%) showed a measurable reduction in opacity. He also notes that owner evaluation of visual capability suggested improvement in vision in 80% of cases.

The second was a multi-hospital U.S. study and the supervising veterinarians reported 102 of the 123 eyes (83%) studied showed a measurable reduction in opacity.

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