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L(yme) D(isease)-Support #100 caps


•Help the body deal with external stresses such as Lyme dis-ease
•Helps maintain normal body functions
•Helps animals maintain normal nervous system function
•Supports and promotes long-term health
•Helps support normal immune function

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  • Help the body deal with external stresses such as Lyme disease
  • Helps maintain normal body functions
  • Helps animals maintain normal nervous system function
  • Supports and promotes long-term health
  • Helps support normal immune function


Based on clinical experience and research, inspired by the work of Subhuti Dharmananda Ph.D., and Stephen Harrod Buhner.

This formula incorporates herbs known to either directly kill Lyme bacteria and/or aid our pet’s immune system in eliminating the organism, or improving the function of systems in their bodies. I suggest this formula of three anti-lyme spirochete herbs at strong concentrations.

Andrographis: Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic Medicine for over two thousand years for chronic inflammatory conditions.

1. It is anti-spirochetal;

2. Protects against inflammation-mediated neuro-degeneration of the brain;

3. Anti-inflammatory: Andrographolide, the major active component from Andrographis, has shown to possess major anti-inflammatory activity;

4. Immune enhancement;

5. Cardio-protective;

6. Supports liver and detoxification;

7. A mild relaxing herb;

8. Protects against Bb spirochetes where they may lodge;

9. Due to its ability to treat rashes and other skin disorders.

Cats Claw: Helps the larger white blood cells, known as natural killer cells (more specifically the CD-57 subset) that can destroy the Lyme spirochetes. A study showing Cats Claw, to be remarkably effective in treating chronic LD in Humans (Cowen et al.) found 100% of patients experienced marked clinical improvement; and 85% were sero-negative for LD at the end of study. Unfortunately, this study is not definitive and has some flaws (Buhner). Several other studies show Cats Claw’s immune stimulating qualities and major anti-inflammatory abilities; (22 of 100 studies and papers on Pub Med database). Proven effective for modulating immune response, raising where necessary, and calming over-active reactions. It is especially effective against arthritis inflammation, helps with memory problems, (prevalent in chronic LD,) relaxes the central nervous system, protects the heart and is a general tonic.

Japanese Knotweed: TCM records show this herb has been used medicinally for centuries against different infections. Modern studies demonstrate its activity against a number of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. It is especially relevant to LD in its activity against Leptospira and Treponema denticola spirochetes. It also effective against viral infection and has proven to “clear toxins” from skin infections, snake bites and rashes. Japanese Knotweed has a high resveratrol content. This neat compound moves easily across the gastrointestinal mucosa and circulates free in the bloodstream, as well as crossing the blood brain barrier, with anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective qualities (especially important for LD). And, there are more amazing compounds identified in this herb, Emodin, polydatin and trans-resveratrol have been found to be wonder drugs in their own right. This herb, as a whole, is more synergistically effective than these isolated active compounds. (Buhner)

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