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Dr. Rose’s remedies-salve



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Dr. Rose’s skin treatment is an all natural product that provides anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-hemorrhagic and anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring support for healing of many skin problems.

The ingredients are all natural and most are well known for their healing properties. Neither product contains any artificial colorings or preservatives, and both are steroid and gluten free! To list all the issues the Healing Salve and Spray help with would take too long. They also cool and nourish the skin, heal burns, lacerations, and surgical incisions. Both the Salve and the Spray help with hotspots, interdigital dermatitis and insect bites!

The uses for these products are truly endless! Dr. Rose’s Remedies are a must in every first aid kit, travel or show kit, grooming kit and vet’s office.

One customer’s testimonial:

I have a Basenji who has major skin issues (dry skin) and although it has improved through her raw diet and Omega oil, she still had red, dry irritated skin that she would scratch until it bled.

I tried Dr. Rose’s Remedies on her and within one day her scratching subsided, her skin healed. It was truly a miracle and way more than I expected from this product. I use it prophylactically now. When she sees the product, she comes voluntarily and sits (she does this for NOTHING else except food) while I put it on her.

I know if she could talk, she would say “thank you!” By the way, I use it for our dry skin as well and it is better than any lotion we have purchased.

I would like to purchase this by the case! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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The all natural ingredients are: calendula oil, olive oil, bee’s wax, shea butter, vit E, aloe vera, grape seed oil, eucalyptus oil, melaleuca oil, rosemary oil extract

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