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Press Release for HomeVet.com the Holistic Pet Care Community Website



February 21, 2012



Homevet.com, building an online holistic pet care community since 1996, invites pet owners to visit its new site to learn more about natural and holistic care for their pets. Homeopathic veterinarian Dr. Jeff Feinman helps you discover the best ways to maintain the health of your dogs, cats and other pets.

Weston, CT – Whether you’re a new pet owner or a longtime lover of dogs and cats, you want what’s best for your pets. Since 1996, Homevet.com has been helping concerned animal lovers learn about natural and effective ways to maintain their pets’ health and help them when they’re sick. Now, with the launch of its new, improved site, Homevet.com is a true online community for holistic pet care—a place where you can ask questions, share your ideas, and learn from one of the most respected practitioners in the field.

Homevet.com is the online home of Dr. Jeff Feinman, one of the small number of certified homeopathic vets in the nation. Since 1985, Dr. Jeff has worked diligently to integrate modern veterinary medicine with alternative healing methods, offering clients the best of both worlds.

 “It’s extremely gratifying to resolve – and more importantly prevent – serious health problems for my pet patients and their owners,” says Dr. Jeff. “The new site will allow me to reach many more people and share the knowledge that I’ve accumulated during almost 30 years of practice.”

In addition to the new interactive features, Homevet.com continues to offer an extensive pet-care library, an online store, information about homeopathy and holistic medicine, and references to other reputable sources.

To join the conversation and to learn about specific steps you can take to enhance your pet’s health and well-being, come visit us at homevet.com.

For more information about Dr. Jeff and his integrative practice, visit www.homevet.com, call 203-222-7979 or e-mail drjeff@homevet.com.
Dr. Jeff graduated with dual degrees in molecular biology and veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985. He is currently Chairman of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH) Education Committee, and is a past president of the AVH (theavh.org). He practices and resides in Weston, Connecticut with his wife Amy, a Standard Poodle and two Rex cats named Mia and Chi.

NB:I am honored to be able to help pets and their owners. My goal is to help fully inform veterinary consumers to help them make the best choice when caring for their beloved animal companions.–Dr. Jeff