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Cat Mites

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NOTHING! seems to rid my 7 month old Ragdoll kitten of the crusting sores, scratching and constant licking. I have used neem oil, tea tree oil, homeopathic vet's suggestions and natural ear drops. His regular vet says Revolution may give relief, but she can't guarantee lasting results. He doesn't appear to have ear mites, seems to be scabies. I have another cat who is 14 years old and frail. He scratches a little, but not as much as the kitten. I am also scratching. Has anyone found a remedy or solution for the mite problem? Thanks!

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[quote=zeke]Has anyone found a remedy or solution for the mite problem? [/quote]

Any oil (I use almond oil or mineral oil) in the ear will eventually smother ear mites and eliminate the problem in most cats. Some cats however have such a strong susceptibility to the mites that they will not permananetly improve until they are treated with internal homeopathic remedies (these are not vitamins or supplements so please read more about homeopathy if these are all that your "homeopathic" vet is using for treatment).

The most common reason for treatment failure is insufficient quantity of oil used or incomplete cleaning of debris. You may need to make frequent trips to the vet for thorough cleaning if it is difficult for you.

In addition, the back of the neck should be sprayed with Neem or similar to prevent the little buggers from living there.

Good luck! This can be a lifelong problem for some people so thorough treatment at this point is very important.

Dr. Jeff


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