“Holistic Healing Home
for your animal companions"
Dr. Jeff
Pet Care Library

Despite continued advances in feline health care, behavior problems are still the most common cause of euthanasia in pet cats. Behavior problems, including normal cat behavior that clients consider unacceptable, cause decreased quality of life for cats and their owners.

Pets visit veterinarians for many reasons, but allergies are one of the most common reasons (1, 2). Because of this, many veterinary health insurance policies will not fully cover veterinary allergy visits.

Our house is filled with so much sadness right now. Our poor dogs, they just don’t know what to do.

Every year continuing education seminars and journal articles provide us with more and more knowledge about more and more diseases, diagnostic procedures, and treatments.

The liver performs an incredible number of functions to maintain health of animals, including filtering out toxins, storing sugar, and making proteins. 

It is very important to be an informed advocate for your pets. Especially when they are ill.

Dogs have been fed kibbled foods for the past fifty or so years with what seems to be great results. Dogs are not dying outright from starvation or malnutrition, and seem to be happy and fairly healthy.


Watching the decline of your pet’s physical and/or mental health after years of vitality can be heart wrenching.  We often have fond memories of watching Fido playing fetch or watching Fluffy race around the house in apparent glee. 

If dog owners consistently act in a manner that from the 'dogs point of view' appears to show subservience, submission, fear or subordinance, then over time, the dog will begin to think that he is in fact superior to you.

Aren’t puppies just the cutest? Its hard not to laugh when they’re bouncing around with some stolen prize like a dirty sock (if you’re lucky).  It is amazing how quickly things that seem so cute and innocent at 8 weeks are obnoxious and even dangerous a few short months later.