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My Vet Thinks My Pet Is Very Sick. What Do I Do Now?

I am a very strong advocate of obtaining any indicated non-invasive diagnostic information when treating a sick pet. 

Knowing all of the internal as well as the externally visible signs and symptoms of disease is important in order to treat the totality of the imbalance.


Board certified internal medicine specialists have had extensive post graduate training and supervision.  Veterinary specialties currently include internists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, dermatlogists, behaviorists, neurologists, etc. Think of your local vet as your family GP. They are often the first to “name” the possible causes for your pet’s symptoms.  The internist (or other Board certified specialist) then helps categorize them better.


The job of the AVH Board certified veterinary homeopath is to then include all of the available diagnostic information (and more) into forming a “gestalt” of your pet’s energetic imbalance.  This imbalance is what led to the physiologic responses that resulted in disease.  We can treat and often eliminate all signs and symptoms of the dis-ease.


You can find an ACVIM Board-certified Specialist here: