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More About Controlling Fleas Naturally


Today, spot-on flea products are advertised in every sort of media available to animal guardians and veterinarians, and are touted as safe and effective.


However, the safety record of these products is not as spotless as the manufacturers would make us believe. After all, they contain pesticides, which are poisons, and they also contain toxic ingredients that are not disclosed to consumers – or even veterinarians – without applying through the Freedom of
Information Act.


The danger presented by these products is apparent in the hundreds of incident re- ports that sit in the Environmental Protection Agency’s files – not to mention the manufacturer’s own animal laboratory studies. These logs indicate hundreds of deaths and illnesses of cats and dogs who have been treated with these products by their guardians and veterinarians. Veterinarians have even reported their own systemic reactions to the products.

In spite of this documentation, some of the manufacturers continue to claim that their products cause no internal or external health effects to animals or people. They even go so far as to assert that the products are not absorbed into the skin of the animal or human; this is not true, according to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (see “Are Spot-On Flea Killers Safe?”).


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