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Is It Normal for My Dog to Eat Indigestible Items?

A common problem in dogs is the ingestion of unnatural objects such as candy wrappers, toilet paper, or socks.

Not only is this behavior a nuisance around the house, but the swallowing of non-food particles poses a serious threat to the health of the dog. The problem requires attention and treatment.

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NB: Eating indigestibles can get pretty extreme.  Some of my patients are even referred to me after multiple surgeries to relieve obstructions from foreign objects that they have eaten. I rarely see this symptom (or its’ cousin, coprophagia=eating of stool) in freshly fed, well-exercised pets. Whenever this symptom occurs however, it is often an excellent clue to the needed homeopathic remedy.  I can’t recall any of my actively treated patients who have needed exploratory surgery due to eating a foreign body.–Dr. Jeff