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Optimizing Your Communication with Dr. Jeff Feinman

We all want our pets to maintain their health and recover quickly when sick.

  • Towards that end, clear communication is critical.
  • This is true for excellent healthcare of any kind.

Communication is especially important for high quality homeopathic healthcare.

Currently, the best way to individualize care for your pet is during an appointment (phone/Skype or office).

You can schedule any appointment by Clicking / Tapping Here.

Clients who are also Holistic Actions! students can attend weekly live webinars with Dr. Jeff and asking any questions on the HA! forum. Click /Tap Here for more information about HA! membership.

HA! students learn to use the Vitality and Balance System of homeopathy for themselves.
Dr. Jeff teaches HA! students to “fish”.

  • Please note that by the end of 2020 Dr. Jeff will only be working with client-students.
  • Email updates from clients are reviewed from 9am-6pm ET on the clinic days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday until 1pm.
  • Email updates from client-students are reviewed on the other days as well.
  • In addition, due to a large number of emails and their filtering into spam email boxes, your message may be inadvertently missed.

To prevent this and to facilitate communication, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Call 203-222-7979 and leave a quick message whenever you send an update (please use my client-specific address of drjeff@certifiedvethomeopath.com). Include any questions along with a web form update.
  • Include the word “update” in the subject line of all messages you send (even if they are not full updates).
  • Please try to avoid sending frequent short e-mails (vs. full web form updates) as this can slow treatment evaluation for your pets.

The web form allows the most effective method to evaluate your update.

If you have an urgent situation, please do not rely solely on an e-mail message.  Please seek emergency care.

If time allows, write down the details of the problem and send them to Dr. Jeff and call 203-222-7979.

Email messages and updates will often become part of your pet’s medical records.  They therefore may be read by other veterinarians, insurance providers, etc.

Email treatment recommendations and other information are individualized for you and your pet. This personalized information is not meant to be shared with others, on the web, e-mail lists, etc.  Doing so will be considered a breach of confidentiality.

Thanks so much for reviewing and adhering to these guidelines!

Be well.

Do you have a sick animal?

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You can now find Dr. Jeff at Holistic Actions!
I'm sending my prayers and best wishes to everyone throughout the world that has been affected by this historic pandemic. My hope is for a better balance of the world and greater empowerment for all as soon as possible. Here are 4 actions that can be used today to improve immune resistance to any virus or bacteria:

1. Go on a "sniff walk” with your pet and breathe fresh air deeply for at least 30 minutes/day.

2. Eat darkly colored fresh vegetables and fruit such as wild blueberries and kale.

3. Do at least 50 HA! breaths just say ha loudly) daily. These forceful expulsions of air help maintain good lung function and can help you detect respiratory problems early. Laughter, coughing and Kapalabhati breathing (from yoga) are three other easy ways to do this.

4. Experience positive emotions, like the sense of awe, when we witness the renewal of nature. Stay safe, Vital and healthy”

Holistic Actions! membership includes a free monthly 15 minute consultation to discuss your Holistic Medical Decision Making. To discuss other Holistic Actions!, and to learn more about the Vitality and Balance System which describes how they work on a molecular level, just register as a Gold member at www.holisticactions.com/membership and schedule time to talk.

Stay safe, Vital and healthy,

Dr. Jeff