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Important Information About E-mail Communication with Dr. Jeff Feinman

We all want our pets to maintain their health and recover quickly when sick.  Towards that end, clear communication is critical.  This is true for excellent healthcare of any kind.  Communication is especially important for high quality homeopathic healthcare.

Timely replies to e-mails received by Dr. Feinman can therefore be very important.  E-mail messages may not be received and may be inadvertently missed. To prevent the resultant problems and to facilitate communication, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Call 203-222-7979 and leave a quick message whenever you send an update (please use my client-specific address at certifiedvethomeopath). Especially if you have a question. This is critical as email messages frequently get delayed, e.g. in spam filters or lost in cyberspace. Please email Amy if you need the full address (which is not here in full to minimize spam).
  • Include the word “update” in all messages you send (even if they are not full updates).
  • Please avoid sending frequent short e-mails (vs. full updates) as this can slow treatment evaluation for your pet. If your pet is under active homeopathic treatment, always include the last used remedy name, dose and date(s) of administration, e.g. “Sul 0/1 10/1-1cc daily (last 12/2)”.
  • Use the pre-appointment update format (name, date and exact dose of the homeopathic remedy; immediate response to the dose; and overall changes since the dose).  Please see the update format document for more detailed information.

This format will allow faster reading and reply.  Whenever e-mail communication requires more than a few minutes to read and analyze, a case analysis charge may apply.  Case analysis is discussed in the Introduction to Dr. Feinman’s practice.

If you have an urgent situation, please do not rely solely on an e-mail message.  Instead, you should act as though e-mailing Dr. Feinman is not available. If time allows, write down the details of the problem and then call Dr. Feinman or seek emergency care.

E-mail messages and updates will often become part of your pet’s medical records.  They therefore may be read by other veterinarians, insurance providers, etc.

E-mail treatment recommendations and other information are individualized for you and your pet. This personalized information is not meant to be shared with others, on the web, e-mail lists, etc.  Doing so will be considered a breach of confidentiality and will thereby terminate this agreement.


Please consider the environment before printing out e-mails.
I have read this document and agree with its’ terms.  I would like to be able to communicate with Dr. Feinman by e-mail: _________________________________________________________________

You can now find Dr. Jeff at Holistic Actions!