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I Am Very Grateful for the Help of Many People

This 2011 redesign of Homevet.com has been over 15 years in the making.


My initial goal for it at the end of 1994 was to help spread the word about integrative and natural therapies for pets. Effective holistic veterinary care. Not an “alternative” to modern vet care. This is still my goal.


Many, many people have helped towards this end over the years.  

My initial online conversations with Drs. Duncan Ferguson and Paul Pion were instrumental in helping me see the potential power of this new form of communication (they went on to develop the Veterinary Information Network).


Don Moffitt and his hand-coded HTML then helped me start this site.  Since that time, fantastic tools for online community-building have been developed. Tony Scott of Akira studios has worked magic in seamlessly and beautifully integrating them into this new site.


I never would have had the pleasure of working with Tony if it weren’t for Andrew Holden of Cartanova.  I hit many bumps in the road on the way to this redesign, but Andrew’s fantastic business ethic smoothed them out for me.


My parents and many teachers have helped me learn to observe fully and scientifically. Without their help I would never have embarked on the holistic and homeopathic path. 


My joy in discovery and critical thinking began in the excellent Jericho, NY school system and was then fostered by my mentors in the University Scholars program at Univ. of Penn. Penn researchers were generous enough to allow me to work in their laboratories and helped me write my first scientific publications.


I also owe special thank yous to Penn profs Drs. Mark Adams, Kallenbach, Manjusri Das and Peter Jezyk (among many others).  Dr. Mark Peterson at the AMC in NY helped me understand the full breadth of both clinical and research-oriented endocrinology, Drs. Keith Richter, Rhea Morgan, Allen Sisson, James Carpenter and Neil Harpster and my fellow internmates at Angell Meml in Boston all helped me survive and develop.


Most instrumental in nurturing my homeopathic scientific medical thinking have been my teachers of homeopathy.  Drs. Richard Pitcairn, Paul Herscu, Andre´ Saine and David Little.  


Thanks as well to my incredible friends and clients. I draw support and learn from them every day. I owe a special thank you to my fantastic friend Steve Gogel for many invaluable brainstorming sessions.


Most of all, I want to thank my ever-supportive wife Amy. Our love just continues to grow stronger.  2011 marks the year when our life partnership has taken a new turn along with the new site. Amy has become both my practice as well as the homevet.com web store manager.


As a small token of my appreciation to everyone in my life, I’d like to share this poem by Minx Boren. Thank you Maxine for first sharing it with me in one of your wonderful yoga classes, and thank you Minx for allowing me to share it here:


while we as humans have collectively
scaled the highest peaks and soared

way into the heavens
reached far into the depths
of oceans and delved into the magnificent
complexities of our own bodies
and minds not one of us
could have done any such thing
on our own
and so it is that we must truly be
forever and always beholden
beyond measure to those
upon whose shoulders we stand
those who came before and those
who journey with us now
and what is ours to do in this
and every moment
with great humility
and even greater awe
is quite simply to remember
and give thanks
from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx

©2011 Minx Boren.  All rights reserved.