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How Vets Treat Chronic Renal Failure In Cats

The first step in the management of feline CRF is to determine, if possible, the cause of the renal disease.

  • The most frequent histological finding in cats with CRF is chronic interstitial fibrosis.
  • Specific therapy for the primary renal disease should be employed whenever a cause is identified.
  • In the management of cats with CRF, the amount eaten is as important as what is eaten.
  • Dietary protein restriction should be employed to reduce the clinical signs of feline uremia.


Introduction to feline chronic kidney disease:


Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a frequent clinical finding, with increasing prevalence as cats age; it affects perhaps one-third of our geriatric feline patients (1). Given the complexity of the abnormalities observed in these patients, the management of feline CRF poses many diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Despite this, the refinement of old treatments and the availability of new ones address some of the problems faced by veterinarians treating cats with CRF.


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