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How to Clicker Train Your Cat

Myths and legends have been spun around cats ever since people started sharing their world with them. Some myths paint cats as exotic and mysterious, others have cats in league with the devil. Many of these erroneous myths about cats persist today. Two myths that are prevalent among cat owners are that cats cannot be trained to do tricks, such as shaking hands, and that cats will do whatever they want to do, regardless of the input from the people around them. Another popular belief is that it is impossible to change unwanted cat behaviors. Unfortunately, these misconceptions often have fatal consequences for the cats; many cats are surrendered to shelters and/or euthanized for resolvable behavior problems.

Clicker tain your cat after reading this article.

NB: The old saying is that “cats rule and dogs drool” originated for a reason. Cats are very intelligent beings. Training them is fun and rewarding (maybe I can train my kitties to stay off the counter).–Dr. Jeff