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How Do I Become a New Client of Dr. Jeff Feinman’s Homeopathic Veterinary Practice in Connecticut?

Dr. Jeff is currently only working with Holistic Actions! All-Access or Community members.

You can get unlimited guidance about your Holistic Medical Decision Making by weekly webinars, forum support and monthly calls. Click here to become a member.

If you are an All-Access or Community member and still would like to schedule a private appointment with Dr. Jeff, follow these steps:

1. Get familiar with the details of Dr. Jeff's private practice and what to expect here.
2. Click here to submit the intake form (make sure to call the office afterwards to confirm that the intake form has been submitted.)
3. Click here to schedule a two hour initial evaluation.
4. Have your current vet send (email or fax) any exam notes or diagnostic test results. Email to drjeff@holisticactions.com, fax to 866 269 8635.
5. Sign and return the treatment authorization form. Email it to drjeff@holisticactions.com or fax to 866 269 8635. (You can download the form and use online pdf editor to add your signature)
6. Email any pics, videos and/or a write up of your pet's health challenges and a personality profile.


Here is what you need to prepare for your first appointment:

A "diagnosis" or description of the problem as well and lab results and other diagnostics will be very helpful.

Use the following suggestions to help you organize your thoughts prior to your first appointment:
• To decrease your appointment length and help with homeopathic diagnosis and treatment, please provide an account, in your own words, of your pet's condition and history.
Include current illnesses, as well as previous conditions e.g., if you are coming in for evaluation of a metabolic condition, it would be very helpful to know about prior ear infections, allergies, skin growths, etc. Prior conditions treated with drugs or surgery are especially important.
• In addition, please include specifics about your pet's appetite, what/when/how s/he eats, and if there is or has been diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, discharges etc.
• Seemingly unrelated factors such as temperature preferences, sleep patterns, favorite activities, behavior problems and any likes or dislikes are all relevant. Please see the current client "Observing Symptoms" article and personality profile examples for more help.
• If you would like to do some reading before the appointment, Drs. Don Hamilton ("Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs") Wendy Jensen ("Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy") and Richard Pitcairn all have written excellent books.

Dr. Jeff looks forward to meeting you and helping to improve your pet's life. Feel free to contact the office or email drjeff@holisticactions.com if you have any questions.