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How Can I Raise My Pet Holistically?

 “Harmony in life and living, homeopathy for health and healingSM

  • Feed the freshest, most natural diet possible. Use bottled or filtered water. Try not to rely solely on highly processed (canned or dry) food. Fresh food, including beef, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, Vital Essentials frozen pure raw meat, Bravo blends, etc. is best. At a bare minimum use a high-quality natural diet (like Wysong Archetype, ZiwiPeak, Honest Kitchen, Orijen or Petguard) mixed with fresh food at every meal.
  • Minimize vaccinations. Over vaccination is harmful and can predispose your pet to allergies and autoimmune disorders like thyroid disease, and anemias, and may even cause cancer. Scientific research is in progress to determine how many, and how often, vaccinations actually are needed. This research was stimulated by the direct correlation between malignant cancer and vaccination in cats.
  • Maximize fresh air, exercise and mental stimulation. This is an extremely important and often overlooked part of raising a pet. Certain animals will not thrive without sufficient activity and exercise.
  • Adopt a broader view of health and disease. Becoming healthy (or getting ill) is a process. An individual symptom is only one small part of the disease gestalt. Never suppress the body’s attempt to express itself through symptoms. Doing so greatly decreases the level of health and predisposes to more serious problems later.
  • Assume control over your pet’s health care. Learn the difference between suppression, cure and palliation. If you don’t have a local veterinary homeopath, find a veterinarian who will respect your desire to work through your pet’s symptoms instead of suppressing them.  Consult by phone with a homeopath who will use all of the information gained from all sources to appropriately treat your pet.
  • Learn more from the pet care and training articles in the new pet, vaccination, diet and homeopathy libraries. You can also consult directly with Dr. Jeff by becoming a new client or through HomeVet forums.
  • For more detailed information, read Drs. Pitcairn and Hamilton’s guides to nutrition, homeopathy and holistic healing.