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How Can I Keep My Dog’s Teeth Clean Naturally?

Dogs are carnivores, and they love to chew. Chewing is fun, therapeutic, and it helps keep the teeth clean. Wolves in the wild rarely develop dental tartar due to their consumption of prey.

Most of our family companions are not out hunting on the prairie, but we can easily supplement a high quality diet by giving an occasional meaty bone. Meaty bones are not for all dogs. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, the rich marrow and meat on a bone will sometimes cause a gastroenteritis with vomiting and/or diarrhea. For these dogs it is important to introduce meaty bones gradually by allowing only a few minutes of chewing at a time.


Dr. Whisnant at American GrassfedBeef.com makes it easy and affordable for us to feed meaty bones to our dogs. Dogs (and cats) deserve better than all the junk food that is available in most pet shops. Even “real” bones are sterilized and boiled pure white. Not very appetizing. 


Here’s what vet Dr. Patricia Whisnant says: 

“Many years ago I was a veterinarian in Naples, Florida with a small animal practice.  As a veterinarian for over 21 years, I believe that giving our cats and dogs raw food is the best option for their health. 

We provide our cattle the natural grass and forage diet that God meant cows to eat.  We, also, believe in giving our dogs and cats the natural diet they were designed to eat.

In the wild, dogs and cats would not eat cooked meats and grains.  Their constitution is meant for enzyme rich raw meat, raw bones and the natural probiotics found in green tripe.  

The cooked dog food made from grains and questionable meat found in pet food stores and supermarkets is not their species specific diet. Cooking destroys enzymes and probiotics that your pet needs to properly utilize their food.

Our Labrador retriever and 3 cats eat grass fed beef and they all thrive on a raw food BARF diet with raw meaty bones.

By special request, we have provided customers with our all natural USDA grass fed ground beef, liver, tongues, hearts, knuckles and tails for their dogs and cats. All of our beef is human quality and processed at a state of the art USDA facility.  

Our cattle is raised on a grass farm using NO pesticides, NO steroids, NO hormones and NO antibiotics.”

For additional information and to place an order, click on over to: American Grassfed Beef


Please note: These are natural bones and may contain smooth pieces of cartilage which should be discarded if dislodged.


NB:Never feed cooked bones. Please supervise your dog when first feeding bones to insure proper chewing (vs. exuberant gulping of big pieces). Large pieces of bone (or rocks, etc.) can cause intestinal obstruction. I have even seen obstructions from eating processed pet foods in pets with slow digestion. I strongly advise consulting with your veterinarian that is experienced in feeding raw food, and reading some of Tom Lonsdale’s wonderful articles and books about feeding “Raw Meaty Bones”.

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