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    Tony Scott

    I really could use some help here. My husband and I adopted an 8 week old Heeler mix, Molly, about 7 weeks ago and she is not timid at all. I already had 2 adult cat who we have had from kittens and run the house. The cats and I used to live with another dog and they all got along fine. No problems at all so the cats were ok with this new animal at first. A little timid but they didn’t run and hide.
    The problem is Molly really wants the cats. I don’t think it’s agression just plain puppy playfulness. I think she just wants to play with them and wrestle, which they don’t like. But she is bigger and stronger and I ‘m growing more concerned for the cats everyday.
    She’s obsessed with these cats. She looks for them and whines at them when they get up places where she can’t go and then barks, which is annoying to all of us. I can’t seem to figure out what to do to get her to stop wanting the cats all the time.
    It is becoming really aggrivating and imparing the potty training because she is too distracted.
    Can someone help me PLEASE?

    Thank you very much,
    [email][email protected][/email]

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    Tony Scott

    Thats one way but i am not sure if it will work with every option.

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    Tony Scott

    My four year old cat Derby just had to undergo PU surgery on Tuesday. In the past three weeks he has gotten blocked three times. When Derby got blocked the third time the vet did x-rays and found ten stones in his bladder. The doctor was going to prerform a surgery to remove the stones but found out that his urithra had too much scar tissue and that something else needed to be done. My vet suggested having the PU sergery to prevent any other blockages. My vet could not perform the surgery and reffered us to another vet whom he felt comfortable with to perform this surgery. Yesterday, the day after the surgery i am sure that the surgery went well because derby is looking very lively and back to his old self. When I visited today he was very eager to see us and just wanted to come home. The doctors say if everything goes well then he should be ready to come home tomorrow. 😀
    Best of luck to other pet owners who have this problem and i hope that everything works out well.

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    Tony Scott

    Sorry, I didn’t realize that my name didn’t appear.
    The last post was an update.

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    Tony Scott

    I have a crate for them, each in their own side,
    and it is going beautifully.
    The crate comes in our room at night, and they wake me up usually around 4am to pee.
    They stay in their crate during the day, I come home at lunch to walk them.
    I have heard that pomeranians are hard to train, that they pee anywhere/everywhere.
    Is this true? Is there a way I can prevent this? I have made a dog run outside my back door for them for the “at the moment” pee if I can’t walk them.
    I noticed no one has replied to my previous post about training them, so I spoke to someone at the pet store.

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    Tony Scott

    Thank you for your help. I don’t have crate for him yet, the other two have them though. I had an animal behaviorist come in today, and suggested putting up the gate, and feeding them in separate rooms, until Skipper figures out he is the #3 dog, not the #2 dog. It may takes weeks and that’s okay. At least I have a handle on it now.

    I took Bently to the vet this morning, and there is no peramanent damage, just the cut on his lower lid. It’s not bothering him, and I have some cream to put in in. She said it was not serious.

    Thank you again for your advice!


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    Tony Scott

    I really hope someone answers you on this, as I have a 10 month old kitten that has just been diagnosed with the same problem. She is 5.5 pounds at 10 months old. I am concerned about her long term prognosis. I don’t have a clear answer from my vet on this, other than to redo the bloodwork in a few weeks to see if it still shows abnormal kidney function and a high white blood cell count. She’s on Azythromiacin now.

    in reply to: cat does not use litter box #2369
    Tony Scott

    I have been having a similar problem with my 1 year old ragdoll. He recently started defecating in my bathroom–only in my bathroom and only when I am at home. He has been checked by the vet and appears to have no physical problems. I have added an additional litterbox (I have 2 other cats as well), changed litter – the litter made up of newspaper seems to do very well at controlling the odor, and sprinkling a clumping litter called “Cat Attract” on top. This litter has herbs in it and is guaranteed to help retrain cats to use the litter box. My ragdoll seems to be doing much better at using the box overall. I have noticed the last time or two he has done it, I have been around other cats or have been in a bad mood. But he is now pooping in my bathroom much less frequently (and nowhere else in the house). I am now beginning to be convinced that he can sense my moods and is reacting.

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    Tony Scott

    [quote=drjeff][quote=BuddysMom] Is he likely to regain continence over time?[/quote]

    In my experience, yes. It can take a week or more however. Talk to your holistic vet about supporting his healing with optimal nutrition and indicated supplements. Have you been working with a veterinary homeopath?

    Dr. Jeff[/quote]

    We had been until we moved from Boston to FL. The veternary homeopath in this area is retiring in January and thus would not take our cat on as a client 🙁 We need to find a good one locally now because I feel that our cat will need this support in the future. We are on the Space Coast of FL in case you might be able to recommend anyone here. We have a good allopathic vet locally, but of course he’s of the Science Diet/antibiotic-pushing variety (not that we would ever feed such a thing!). We have agreed to the antibiotics in the post-surgical period, though.

    Our cat has been an ill kitty since we adopted him at 8 weeks-old. He had terrible gastro issues for the first 3 years (due to a poor commercial diet), and he ended up on prednesone for 18 months. He was in crisis when we finally learned about good animal nutrition, and we found our former holistic vet shortly thereafter. He saw her from the ages of 3-9, but even she couldn’t stop the blockages from worsening to the point that he had to have this serious emergency surgery this week.

    The happy news today is that our cat has come home at his surgeon’s insistence (he was depressed in the hospital), and he urinated a tremendous amount in his litterbox this morning. I do not want to jinx anything, but we are cautiously optimistic. I’m still very sad that we had to put him through this “salvage” procedure instead of the more common P.U. surgery. Hindsight is 20/20. We didn’t want to put him through a suppressive surgery which is why we treated the blockages with fluids/vitamin C/cranberry for so many years. We just didn’t expect things to worsen so precipitously as he aged. If I had it to do over again, I’d have insisted on the P.U. surgery 7 years ago and then treated him nutritionally and with remedies.

    in reply to: Food Allergies/Atopic Dermatitis #2350
    Tony Scott

    My family was going crazy trying to solve our pets problems. We have two dogs — one a small Sheltie mix and a Chocolate Lab. Both dogs were diagnosed with “flea allergies” and the Lab was absolutley miserable….the vet said she was probably allergic to more than just fleas and wanted to run a bunch of expensive tests . . she had huge sores all over her body where she had scratched her skin raw. The Sheltie was generally itchy, scaley skin with no energy and had a severe rash on her underbelly.

    I found several articles about fillers and processed foods in regular commercial dog food and I was thinking we would have to start making “home-made” dog food, when somebody told me about a product called Nzymes…the difference has been amazing.. Within two weeks, both dogs improved dramatically. They have now been on the product for two months, and the Sheltie’s hair (which had thinned considerably) is now thick and beautiful again, her rash is completely gone, and she has her energy back (she is 10 years old). The Lab hardly itches at all, her coat is shiny and beautiful, and the sores have completely healed. We live in the country where it is a constant battle with fleas (no…we don’t use any chemical flea powders, collars, etc….just bathe them once a week, so I’m sure they do get bitten by the occasional flea).

    We now feed them ONLY Eagle Pak dog food (which is made with NO fillers)…It does cost a little more than regular dog food, but is a lot cheaper than making the food yourself. It can usually be found at most pet stores (if not, they can probably order for you).

    You can get the Nzymes at [url]www.Nzymes.com[/url]. I know this has saved us many $$ in vet bills and our pets are so much healthier. Hope this is helps somebody else.

    in reply to: lyme disease #2346
    Tony Scott

    I’ve been crushing his pills up for 2 days now and he’s not throwing it up anymore I guess my friend who said crushing them up will probably help him to stop vomiting was right!

    Not knowing how to treat lyme disease w/homeopathy my only other option is to use antibiotics!

    in reply to: kitten with abnormal stool #2324
    Tony Scott

    thanks,i really appreciate your feedback.for some reason,an infection never occured to me.thanks

    in reply to: kitten with abnormal stool #2320
    Tony Scott

    We once had a kitten many years ago that had what you are describing and he had a bacterial infection (the name escapes me right now) but an antibiotic cured him. This may be also why it is not gaining weight. It could also be worms so a trip to the vet is going to resolve any issues that are going on. Call ahead..maybe they have a payment plan.

    in reply to: are vaccines harmful? #2302
    Tony Scott

    My 18 month old boxer has had all her puppy shots and was due in July for her anual set of shots, well I never took her to get them done because she has had really bad allergies and now have seemed to think she migh be allergic to mold. My question is I live in Southwestern Ontario 45 mins from the Detroit border crossing and it is mandatory to have rabies shot to cross the border. I have heard that rabies is good for 7 years but how do you get a vet to write 7 years on the vaccine slip, also what can you give the dog to help her immune system after she gets the shot.


    in reply to: Food Allergies/Atopic Dermatitis #2282
    Tony Scott

    You may want to check out this supplement that I know will help with the flea allergy.

    Body Guard

    If your dog continues to itch feeding your cooked chicken, it may be allergic to chicken or poultry. Seen plenty of that with commercial food.

    One of the best commercial lamb/rice only foods is CALIFORNIA NATURAL made by Natura Pet Food

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