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Zyflamend ok for horses?

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    I have a 27yo quarter horse mare who has been with me for 23 years. Over the last 2 years, she has developed arthritis and ataxia in her hind quarters. She has a wonderful zest for life and still wanders up and down the slope and trots around her corral. She runs into trouble when she lays down to take a nap… she can’t get up without help.. if she is not laying on a completely flat suface. I have to turn her around so that her legs are pointing “downward”. If she has been laying there for a couple of hours, then we prop her on her sternum against a bale of hay until the circulation gets going again. Once she is up, she wants to start running right away. My vet wants to inject her back w/steroids… I want to find something natural that will address the issue. Personally, I am doing quite well on Zyflamend with regard to arthritis so am wondering if I can give it to her. I have been all over the net trying to find studies of it being used on horses, but haven’t found anything yet. There are no holistic vets in my area to consult. Anyone have any ideas? I sure would appreciate them…thank you and God bless!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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