young male cat with urinary tract cystitis

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    I was just reading an article you posted about urinary cystitis.
    We have a young (15 months) male cat that we got from the shelter. We moved 4 months ago. During the move, our cat had to stay with a family member for 3 weeks. When we picked him up and moved him to our new house, he had matted hair and was dirty and stressed. My family member said that he hid in the basement and wouldn’t come out. So clearly he was very stressed. It also appeared that my family wasn’t able to give him a lot of attention.
    A few weeks after that, he started having problems urinating. He had no blockage, but was clearly in pain and urinating around the house. We found a new vet who said this was likely due to stress. He started prescription wet food, prednisolone, and pain medication. He got better but had a relapse 2 weeks later. Then we tapered off the predinsolone much slower. He just had a relapse yesterday and had blood in his urine.
    Today they are treating him with fluids and doing another ultra sound and xray.
    They seem to be convinced that this is a stress issue. He is not acting abnormally now. He hangs around the family, sleeps on the bed, and plays with toys. What can we do to help him with his stress? Any ideas?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Great question and thanks for asking!

    Yes, I agree that the stress of his necessary time away from you probably triggered an underlying propensity to the urinary problems.

    Unfortunately, as you have already seen, removing the stress alone is often insufficient for treating the problem. Once activated, the underlying energetic imbalance that has led to all of the urinary symptoms needs to be addressed. Often, only by doing this can “Pandora’s Box” be closed.

    In my experience, the most effective energetic treatment for these problems is with properly prescribed homeopathic medicines.

    You can find a qualified vet homeopath by [url=http://www.theavh.org/referrals]searching[/url] the AVH directory.

    Before and during treatment I’d advise making all of the changes that I discuss in the blog [url=http://bit.ly/1utF7yk]article[/url].

    It’s also very important to not get too upset with your kitty. He’s not doing this on purpose, and it’s not all “in hi head”. This is one of many examples of environmental activations of chronic dis-ease.

    [b]Homeopathy can help![/b]

    Dr. Jeff


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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