Yorkie Puppy With Head Trauma I Have ?

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    Hello I Have A 10 Week Old Yorkie That I Took Out For His First Walk On A Leash With Me To The Tire Repair Shop. The Tech Layed The Wheel On The Wall And I Went And Looked At The Tire And It Slipped Out My Hand And Fell On My Puppy Head. I Cant Get That Horrible Sight From My Mind. My Puppy Really Looked As If He Was Dying In Front Of Me. His Nose Was Bleeding And He Was Shaking Real Bad After A Few Min A Glab Him And Wrapped Him In A Towel And Took Him To The Petsmart That Had A Vet But The Vet Had Just Left At 6. So I Had To Rush Him To A Emergency Hospital 10 Miles Away.i Called On My Way There. So They Were Ready For Tee Tee When I Came In The Door.the Doctor Did A Exam And Told Me The Tee Tee Had Some Brain Swelling And That He Need To Stay In The Hospital. The Doctor Sent The Asst In With The Est Of The Cost Of $750 To $950 .i Was Like Wow I Cant Afford That To Pay That At One Time And Asked If They Would Let Me Pay Monthly They Said No. So After Me Sitting There For About A Hour Trying To Figure Out How I Was Going To Get My Puppy Treated .they Made Me Sign A Paper Saying That I Was Refusing Treatment. I Told Them That They Was Refusing To Help Me Because I Did;nt Have The Money To Pay All At Once. They Then Brought Tee Tee Back To Me And I Had To Leave With This Life Less Puppy In My Arms.when I Got Home I Called Around Everywhere And No One Would Let Me Make Payment For My Puppy Care. I Told Them That Was Wrong To Refuse Care On My Puppy. You Cant Refuse Care To A Human In An Emergency. They Told Me That Pets Are Property And The Goverment Would Pay Hospital Back For Humans. How Wrong Is That? It Still A Life. So The Next Morning I Called A Few More Vet All The Same Thing. One Told Me That They Would See Tee Tee For A $20 Exam And $85 For Water Therapy To Keep Him For Getting Dehydrated . So When I Got There The Doctor Said That He Was In Bad Shape And That He Need To Hospitalized. @ A Rate Of $120 A Day. I Could Afford That Either So The Doctor Said That He Would Give Him A Shot To Help With The Swelling In The Brain And Put Some Fluid In His Back For $45 And Told Me To Keep Him Warm And Hope For The Best.i Left There Still Not Satisfied.so I Took Him To Abbey Pet Hospital Where I Had Just Took Him For His Shots 3days Before And Explained To The Doctor That Everybody Had Refuse To Help Me Because I Could’nt Pay Upfront Those High Fees And I Could’nt Afford To Pay Much More Than $200 Because I Was On Worker Comp. Dr.lee Prutton Told Me That Tee Tee Was In Bad Shape . I Told Him That I Want To Aleast Try To Save My Puppy. So He Was Nice Enough To Take My Puppy In For 3 Days And Care For Him. When I Picked Tee Tee Up He Was Walking On His Own But Still Very Weak. And Blind . The Doctor Told Me That Time Will Tell If He Will Get His Sight Back. Lets Hope For The Best. I Have To Force Feed Him Water And Food . This Is So Sad To See How Tee Tee Was So Playful And Now He Just Walk Around With His Head Down. I’m I Make Him Suffer? What Should I Do? Is There And Thing That I Can Do For Him? Do He Need To Be Back At The Hospital?

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