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    Tony Scott

    I am lost between all bramd of food, they all pretend to be the best Royal Canin, Eagle Pack, Nutro. Which one should we should if we want to most natural complete and balanced food, any good Canadian food?


    My rule of thumb is NO wheat, corn, soybean meal, ground sorghum, grain fractions like glutens, chemical preservitives. NUTRO is on my worst food list. Eagle Holistic is excellent but very high priced, Royal Canin uses to much grain.

    If you will look at the ingredients list of CANIDAE dog food you will see, in my opinion, human grade high quality ingredients, and none of the above mentioned poor quality, allergy causing ingredients.

    CANIDAE – [url]http://www.canidae.com[/url]


    Hi Mike,

    I use to feed Canidae to my yorkie puppy, but she didn’t like it to much. Maybe it was too thick and hard for her to chew, I did grind it and she still didn’t like it too much. So I changed to Nutro Ultra holistic puppy food, you say Nutro is not good?

    I’m also noticing here about feeding raw food. I thought about it, but what about all the harmful bacteria, such as ecoli, somolia, and parasites?

    I couldn’t give her raw fish or meat, just the thought of all the germs.



    Nutro Ultra is much better, I am just against all the grain they put in most dry foods today. Does your dog eat the Nutro Ultra better than Canidae.
    It is seldom the size or hardness of the kibble especially if the dog will eat biscuit treats with no problem. It could be the smell or taste they don’t like. Maybe a single protein like Chicken Meal may work best. Eagle Pack Holistic formula is excellent too. [url]http://www.eaglepack.com[/url]

    Check out these Canadian pet food companies.

    PETS 1st. [url]http://www.pets1st.com/[/url]

    First Mate – Natural Holistic formula [url]http://www.firstmate.com/platinum/holisticnew.htm[/url]

    You may find this site interesting also.


    Dr. Jeff is the expert here about raw feeding. I know there are lots of info on RAW and Natural cooked diets on the web is you will search for it also.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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