What happened to my dog?

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    I took my 20 lb, 14-year-old French Poodle to the vet on Saturday and was told, based on his conversation with me, that my dog probably ate something that disagreed with him (as terrible as this sounds, either cat or rabbit manure). My pet died the next day. Looking back, my pet began failing over about one week. He’d drink a little water, yet vomit buckets back. He had terrible diarrhea. He became slow in walking, stopped climbing stairs. In his last hours, he was yipping constantly. He would stop when I comforted him, yet in touching him, I thought I was hurting him. The vet had given him a shot, then suggested he take digestive enzymes. The ferocity of his decline, his dying within 24 hours of visiting a vet, was this simply disagreeable food, actually food poisoning, or blockage in his intestine? Yes, he was old, but he was active and alert (running like a rabbit) before this happened. It was all so sudden. What should I have done differently to protect him? What signs did I miss? I feel like I failed him.


    I’m real sorry about your dog. From your description, I think your dog had acute pancreatitis, which is extremely life threatening, you did the best you could. Teresa.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=SeaWolf2003]What should I have done differently to protect him? What signs did I miss? [/quote]

    I’m also very, very sorry for the loss of your companion. It is possible that this was an acute toxic event, but I don’t really think so. It sounds like significant symptoms started back when he began falling over and vomiting. I agree that pancreatitis is a possibility. Was any bloodwork or x-rays done?

    It is always hard to second guess yourself in these situations. There is almost certainly nothing that you could have done considering how quickly he died.

    It might be helpful to understand a little more about possible early warning signs of problems in the future. Take a look at my symptom list and read some of the basic homeopathy info. Also, read the article about 21 Warning Signs.

    Feel free to post here for any other help or support that we can give.

    In time, the grief will fade. I promise…

    Dr. Jeff


    Dear Dr. Jeff:

    When I first came to your website, I did not have real opportunity to review its contents. Today, I’ve taken time to acquaint myself with its information and look forward to learning more about real pet care. Thank you for providing this service, I’m very grateful that I can benefit from it.

    Regarding my dog, I was frankly resolved when going to the vet Saturday that he would make the decision to euthanize him. I brought a stool sample, which because of blackish color, I suspected may have blood. The vet did not test it. Nor did he do x-rays or bloodwork. I was elated when the vet concluded he could help and we planned that I would report back to him in 48 hours about progress.

    Thus, his decline that afternoon was unexpected. I could not get hold of the vet thru Saturday. He finally called Sunday — my dog died 1/2 hour after his call. I keep reviewing the past week and can only conclude that until symptoms got truly worse, I dismissed what I was observing as old age. I feel I should have reacted sooner. For several years, he had a collapsing trachea, thus his cough and slight spittle was usual. I was told there was nothing that could be done about this condition. Saturday night through Sunday morning, my dog quickly declined through hours of pain I can only imagine. It was difficult to watch — knowing there was nothing I could do.

    Whatever this was that took my dog, it was merciless — and I’m having difficulty coming to terms with what/how/why this happened.


    Sea Wolf-

    I am sorry about your loss, I know how devastating it is. There is a website you may be interested in called [url]www.petloss.com[/url]. They have some poetry and what is known as the candle ceremony for pets. Maybe you can find some healing there.

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