Vet homeopathy and Hahnemann’s first paragraph of the Organon of Healing

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    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    In order to really learn veterinary (or any species) homeopathic healing, the original “rule book” is the best place to start.

    Although the language can be somewhat cumbersome, I think that everyone should read it once.

    I’d love to break it down and discuss it further here.

    Preface to the first edition (there were 6).

    “According to the testimony of all ages, no occupation is more unanimously declared to be a conjectural art than medicine; consequently none has less right to refuse a searching enquiry as to whether it is well founded than it, on which man’s health, his most precious possession on earth, depends.

    I consider that it redounds to my honour that I am the only one in recent times who has subjected it to a serious honest investigation, and has communicated to the world the results of his convictions in writings published, some without my name.

    In this investigation I found the way to the truth, but I had to tread it alone, very far from the common highway of medical routine. The farther I advanced from truth to truth, the more my conclusions (none of which I accepted unless confirmed by experience) led me away from the old edifice, which, being built up of opinions, was only maintained by opinions.

    The results of my convictions are set forth in this book.
    It remains to be seen whether physicians, who mean to act honestly by their conscience and by their fellow-creatures, will continue to stick to the pernicious tissue of conjectures and caprice, or can open their eyes to the salutary truth.”

    Paragraph (aphorism) #1:

    “The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.His mission is not, however, to construct so-called systems, by interweaving empty speculations and hypotheses concerning the internal essential nature of the vital processes and the mode in which diseases originate in the invisible interior of the organism (whereon so many physicians have hitherto ambitiously wasted their talens and their time); nor is it to attempt to give countless explanations regarding the phenomena in diseases and their proximate cause (which must ever remain concealed), wrapped in unintelligible words and an inflated abstract mode of expression, which should sound very learned in order to astonish the ignorant – whilst sick humanity sighs in vain for aid. Of such learned reveries (to which the name of theoretic medicine is given, and for which special professorships are instituted) we have had quite enough, and it is now high time that all who call themselves physicians should at length cease to deceive suffering man kind with mere talk, and begin now, instead, for once to act, that is, really to help and to cure.”


    This is great text Dr. Jeff! I need to order a couple copies of the Organon for the kennel and myself personally. The things that Hahnemann states in these paragraphs still rings true today for modern veterinary and human medicine! I wonder if back in his time things were based upon wealth rather than curing patients as they are today?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Exactly Katie! It is amazing how incisive he was 200 years ago.

    I agree 100% that you would benefit from reading the Organon. I advise either the newest edition (by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly) or the Kunzli edition.

    The Organon is also available for [url=http://www.homeoint.org/books/hahorgan/]free on line[/url].

    More to come…

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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