Vet care for a newly adopted puppy or kitten

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    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Hi everyone-

    This forum seems to be getting off to a slow start, so I will get the ball rolling.

    Spring is fast approaching and with it comes the perfect season for adopting a new family member. Great weather for walking, training, housebreaking, etc.

    Beth is kindly adding new pets looking for homes into the folder on this forum, and there are lots of great training resources in the homevet.com library (“Browse Articles” link).

    I hope that many of my visitors will provide an unwanted pet with a forever home. That’s then the perfect time to start holistic and homeopathic care for them.

    Have a great weekend.


    I just adopted an adult male dog (about 3 years old?) about 10 days ago after having lost my beloved previous dog before Christmas to- what was thought to have been arthritis but was obviously more grave, a probable cancer. I took great care to try to treat him naturally, but I want even more natural care of my newly adopted dog. He was previously abused and he will never know fear or pain again.

    I’m looking to book an appointment with you in the Spring. He did go to a conventional vet for a case of “new dog diarrhea” last week, more likely caused by diet change and stress, but was given an Rx of Flagyl. He’s doing fine now, but has irritated looking eyes and his ears seem to be a bit itchy. I just don’t want more “anti’s” coming his way. The conventional vet seemed just too eager to push for vaccines and wanted to give him Comfortis because she found one (yes, one) live flea on him. I refused. The vet clinic is not far from home but their philosophy and mine are worlds apart. I went there only to give me a bit of peace of mind that he was generally okay- after having lost my Max, I’m more than a bit paranoid.

    I’ll keep track of behaviors and habits to better facilitate future treatment plans for him. I’m planning to sign up for Embrace Pet Insurance. Please let me know other specifics I should note for a future appointment so we are prepared.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks so much for your post. Congratulations on adoption of your new family member! Rescues can make the best pets (I live with two).

    You definitely need to work with a vet who is “OK” with your holistic, natural (and hopefully soon) homeopathic perspective.

    Many of my clients are not close enough to routinely visit me for their appointments. They build a team of vets with whom they work. A local vet for examination and diagnostics, sometimes a Board Certified specialist, and an AVH certified vet homeopath.

    Many of us are willing to work with pet owners remotely as long as they have a local vet who they can see for exams, etc.

    Thanks for preparing for a visit with me in the Spring. All of my potential new client information is [url=https://www.homevet.com/to-become-a-new-client-of-dr-jeff-feinman]HERE[/url].

    In addition, feel free to book a [url=https://www.homevet.com/component/content/article/13-latest-news/243-schedule-an-appointment-online-with-dr-jeff-feinman-certified-veterinary-homeopath]pre-appointment consultation[/url] once you have sent in your new client info.

    Above all, love and have fun with your new pup.

    Be well.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thank you for your reply! I live north of New Haven so- not overly far or remote. I will definitely fill in the new client form soon and book a pre-appointment consultation. Best time for me to plan for is after the worst of winter passes. Biggest “problem” I’m having right now is separation anxiety, which I’m reading up on.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks! Zylkene and Harmonease can help until you start homeopathic treatment. I use both in my practiced, so they are in my web store at homevet.com

    Stay warm and dry on this cold snowy night.

    Dr. Jeff

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