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    Braylee is a two and a half year old Sheltie mix who came from a shelter in Tennessee. She came to us as a 10 week old puppy, who had already been fixed and received her first round of puppy shots, treated with Advantage and a urinary tract infection to boot. She was treated with Clavamox and the infection took months to clear. She presented with frequent urinating, urine that was tinged orange, lack of appetite, extreme clinginess and lethargy. She had white blood cells, blood, struvite crystals and bacteria present in her urine. I switched the dogs to raw when she was about 4 months old and that is when she finally cleared the uti. She didn’t have another uti until about 6 months ago when she again presented with frequent urinating, dark orange urine, extreme lethargy and clinginess, whining, lack of appetite and fever of 104. She was again treated with Clavamox. I doubt the vet’s claim of her clearing both infections as she has always urinated more than once. She seems to not be able to completely empty her bladder and will squat to pee and then a few minutes later go again. She does not strain or appear to be in any pain or discomfort, nor does she clean herself more than usual.

    Braylee also does a slight head twitch when she is laying down resting and is still. It is a slight rhythmic jerking movement of her head back towards her body. She only does it laying down (awake or sleeping) and doesn’t even seem to know she is doing it.

    She is an extremely intelligent dog whose sole purpose in life is to be where I am. She loves car rides, walks and pretty much anything active as long as she is with me. She does not like to be left with people even if she knows and loves them and begins whining shortly after I leave. She is fine if left at home and will sleep while I am gone. She is easily excited and likes to stick to a routine. If part of her routine is off, she whines. For example, we usually go for a walk after dinner and if we don’t she whines and won’t settle down until we go, even if it’s very short. She’s also not a very brave dog, but can be controlling of the dogs she knows. She is aloof with strangers and dogs not considered to be in her “pack.” Once she knows a person and likes them, she never forgets who they are.

    Braylee is raw fed, has not been vaccinated in over a year and only received her initial Rabies shot. She has not been wormed and has not been treated with topicals for close to two years now.

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