Urinary Crystals – need diet change assistance

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    I am a new member and love this site. I tried to look for similar threads and found some with useful info, but I have some remaining questions.
    I have 5 adopted cats and recently one has had his second incident of crystal blockage in 3 months (and he also has environmental allergies, suspect food as well, which I am starting to address).
    They eat a variety of the following – more premium oriented can foods & dry food:
    [b]Wet: [/b] Wellness, Golden Eagle Holistic, Merrick, Prairie (2x a day, small bowl of dry to share) I have an old female has only eaten dry her whole life
    [b]Dry:[/b] California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice (I know from reading that dry is not good and I probably should try to eliminate)

    My question comes down to the vet said that since this is his second blockage we need to address the diet and replace my well water (which may be high in some minerals) with distilled water. From the canned food perspective she wants him on one of the those vet only brands which I am finding these vets are brainwashed by these large companies. The ingredients in my mind are sub grade (by products, corn, glutens, etc) and many vets seem to have an arguement why they are ok. She recommended I look into Hill’s C/D, Royal Canin SO, OR Purina UR StOx. I want a food that I can feed all of my cats and also eliminate crystal issues (4 out of 5 are males).

    What are the qualities in these inferior prescription brands that reduce/ eliminate crystals? EG: Magnesium = x%, Phosphate = x%, Ph = x%…what is the magic combo of ingredients and values that make these foods “urinary maintenance formulas”? Are there any of the premium brands that mirror these qualities and just may not be marketing them as “urinary” foods? I am not at the point I would consider myself ready for Homeopathy, but I have been a consumer of the better quality foods, and would like to continue this route if possible and find the best match I can for my cat.

    Can you help me find comperable urinary foods that actually have some quality ingredients? Thanks in advance for your time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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