URGENT: CLAYTON, NC cats need out of abusie home

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    URGENT: CLAYTON, NC OWNER has to go in womens shelter.abuse.. need place her cats out of there…………. Emergency shelter for 2 cats?‏

    I am writing because my two cats are in need of emergency shelter. I am in a home where I was recently assaulted by my partner. I am working with Social Services to find shelter for myself. My two cats will need shelter within the next two weeks. I have reached out to everyone I know and there is nowhere for me or my cats to stay. Can you help them find a place? My phone # is 321-506-1833 and I am staying in Clayton for the next two weeks. After that, my partner returns to town and I need to make sure my cats are safely away.
    Thank you,
    Denise B

    I understand, and thank you so much for the offer! I will try everything. I just typed this out below and I am in the process of setting up pages on Petfinder.com.

    Home needed for 2 cats. Due to recent domestic abuse, owner is seeking assistance from social services and the human shelter will not allow cats. She does not want to leave them in a potentially dangerous home. Owner will definitely consider temporary (2-3 months) shelter, with financial incentive to the foster home once she is in her own home – owner is also open to a permanent new home for these sweeties. Both cats were feral rescues, cared for by owner since they were kittens. They have been indoor cats for years. They are socialized, sweet and shy, but OK with dogs, kids, and other cats.

    Female. 5 years old. Black medium fur. Spayed. She was named Boo because she is a scaredy-cat at first, but once she is comfortable, she stays that way. Every time she moves, she makes happy chirping sounds. She just assumes that she is the leader everywhere … to the point where a more dominant cat will simply amuse her and she will allow them to think they are in charge.

    Male. 5 years old. Grey on top, white underneath, short hair. He is a snuggle bunny with potential to become a lap cat. Named because when he was turned into a shelter at 2 years old, he found his own way back a week later (ear-tagged, neutered, afraid and skinny). He invited himself inside and decided to be a house cat. He was slower to socialize, playing trust games like “I’ve got your toes, wait, is that OK?” He loves initiating play with people or other cats. Once he is comfortable he asks nicely for snuggles and absolutely loves them.

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