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    I found my cat outside laying down and would not move or acknowledge me when I talked to him or pet him, i took him inside we thought he was having a heatstroke because it was very hot and his gums were white. We just got a new dog and he did not want to be inside with it so he got outside. We took him to the emergency vet they were the only ones open and were told he has a blockage and that his urine is red and they need to unblock it and put a catheter in.

    The doctor said his levels are very high and he would have been gone within hours if not brought in. He told us to call later that night to check back and to follow up again in the morning. At night we called and they said they have the catherter in and hes doing better. The next day were told we can pick him up and then take him to a normal vet place to continue the fluids and have the catherter in for another day or two. So we took him there and got him back on track. The doctor there got faxed the results and what was done at the emergency vet and was amazed at his lvls of magnessium or somthing they were 18 when its scary at 8 and 1 is normal. He said to call tommarow to check up.

    The next day we did just that he said hes doing really well his levels are coming down he was 18 now 7 and that there going to keep him another day and to call back again tommarow. So waited and called the next day and were told we can come pick him up that they have taken the catherter out. When we got there he told us he took a good pee and that his bladder is empty. He told us about new diet for him that can help prevent the problem from happening again and gave us some pills to give him twice a day for a few days. Our cat seemed alot better he was glad to see us and ready to go home.

    So we got him he was tired after everything the next day he got up and was peeing every now and then but only about a teaspoon. He trys peeing places but sometimes cant so he goes to another spot and trys again hes been doing this for about 3 days now, im glad hes walking around more now but when will he back to himself and able to pee normally? He doesnt make any sounds like its hurting him alot but he either only pees a small ammount or doesnt and trys elsewhere.

    So is this what I should be expecting after having the catherter removed and if so for how long? What else should I know or look for? Anything I should know? Thanks for reading please wish for best of luck for my kitty. BTW hes around 8 and has never had this problem before.

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