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    Harley is pushing 18. Has moved from Las Vegas, Fla, England, Germany, Italy to NC. Has had 5 other cats in his life. He is fixed and has had a great life. He is an indoor/outdoor kind of guy. Has been hospitalized for a broken leg that got an infection in the joint(1993), then again(2000)for something the Italian Vet could not translate. He said he had never seen it. So he was put on an IV, of what I do not know, for a week. Released and OK. Since moving to NC(2001) he has suffered one respiratory infection after another. I told the vet he had never been around carpet or central heating and air. Could this be the cause. I was assured it was not. After a few years of on and off antibiotics I moved him to another vet. In the meantime we lost 1 cat to feline leukemia and one to thyroid disease. Harley has been checked several times for leukemia. He has been negative. The new vet checked him for diabetes and thyroid disease, OK. She x-rayed him and saw a semi dark mass around his sinuses. Further tests revealed some type of fungus. She said she had never seen it there in a cat. She perscribed Ketoconizole 50mg 2x a day. Said it would be a long term treatment and he would continue to get the secondary infections which would be treated with antibiotics. He took the meds ok, but throw up often. Lost weight, at 8lbs he didn’t need to, lost muscle strength and could not jump onto the furniture. Eventually if he could remain standing through the throw up sessions, he would remain there and urinate and release his bowels. He got very weak. I called to ask if he could be put on something else and was told to run more tests. Well I stopped giving him the meds and he has come back. He fights with any cat that comes into his space and came jump again. He still has the nasal conjestion and somedays he can breath ok then for a week or so he has to slow down because he gets so blocked up. He tries to sneeze it out, but it doesn’t help much. He is 18 and I know he will continue to get sick, but I’d like to help him breath a bit easier. Can you advise please?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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