This Coccidia has worn out it’s welcome. HELP!

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    My 3 month old pug has been diagnosed with Coccidia and Giardia. He brought it home with him from the breeder we bought him from. As I was leaving the breeder with him in my arms at 8 weeks (after months of emailing, phone calls etc) she decided to tell me a lot of her dogs have Coccidia and to test for it. she was so laid back about it. So we tested him the very next morning. He had it and we started the yellow liquid albon. We thought, “ok no biggie they said it’s common”.

    When we restested him the vet did a full parasite check and found the Giardia in addition to the Coccidia. He didn’t just have them, he was full of them both (even after 10 days of albon). His results showed he had more than 50 parasites of each – on the slide they used. Our vet gave us some meds, and told us to wash our hands and everything else they may touch his feces. We did our 5 days of powder in the food for the giardia, plus the bathing. Now he is 2 days away from his sceond round of albon (this time pills) and he still has the runs. I feel so badly for my little man.

    We are waiting for the result from another fecal to find out if the Giardia has gone, and will do another sample in a few days to see if the Coccidia is gone as well – I don’t think it is. Doc says he might be re infecting himself with the parasite. The only thing I can think of is the accidents he has had on the carpet of our office (goes to work with my husband and I) and on the floor at home. We have been using puppy pads (so we don’t contaminate the ground outside) and have had success, but he is just a pup and accidents happen. We wash his bedding, and even use all natural baby wipes on his bum, after he goes to keep the cocci from spreading. It has to be on the floors!! All i have been using to clean it up is nature’s miracle. All of the research I have done is upsetting. Our vet says bleach will kill it and the internet says 10 % ammonia – not only are these chemical harmful for my puggy and my husband and I but the floors which need cleaning are not owned by us. Both of those will kill the floors. Our home is rented and has hardwood and the office has normal office carpeting. How can i rid the occysts from these areas safely? And if i have to use chemicals, how do I do so without damaging these surfaces? Is steam my only option, can you steam hardwood? Has nature found a way of killing these nasty pests? I sure hope so. This little one has been on meds since we got him and I want him off them ASAP. Luckily he is very active (although sleepy after he takes his pill), we can still see his personality- he eats, and drinks and is growing.

    We also changed his food to Wellness after he was on his bland diet for the runs he had- can this be making him sick? We weaned him on gradually as the Vet told us.

    I need these parasites out of my life!!!! I’m pretty anxiety sticken over the whole thing, I would appreciate any guidance and tips.

    Thanks so much,

    Allison & Hoagie

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I need these parasites out of my life!!!! I’m pretty anxiety sticken over the whole thing, I would appreciate any guidance [/quote]

    You need to strengthen his natural resistance to the parasites Allison. A fresh food diet, Florazyme enzyme, probiotics, and homeopathic treatment will do that. The key is perserverance and optimal hygiene. I know, easier said than done, but at this point you need to be doing everything possible to help him.

    Dr. Jeff


    Two days after picking up my 9wk old standard poodle puppy he came down with diarrhea. He was treated for Coccida the first wk and again the second. Still with diarrhea my vet then treated him for all parasites. Poor puppy still had soft pudding stools and even became watery. I decided to give him Imodium A-D with his dinner skipping a day or so (not given every day) this helped some. I visited my local pet supply store and the staff there were very helpful. They recommended NaturVet’s Enzymes & Probiotics (4oz.powder form). This aids the digestive tract. I added this to each meal and an improvement was seen! My puppy’s stools did improve to soft piles than to soft stools and now at 5mos. to firm normal stools!
    My family is so happy and so I’m sure is my puppy! I now also feed my puppy raw beef soup bones as a treat or for lunch. Please do as much reading on the raw food diet as well. The pet supply store also suggested raw foods until the puppy’s digestive tract was developed. My vet nor the ones on the internet have any of these hopeful remedies or inform the developement of a puppy’s digestive tract – they just talk all about parasites and extensive tests for a possible of this or that. I thank my local pet store and those on the internet posting info on the raw food diet. I did not follow the raw food diet fully but it let me know that raw meat was good for my pup. I now give raw hamburger, steak etc. rather than cooked meat when possible with his kibble. Now I know about good and bad bacteria for developing a healthy digestive tract.
    Also just to note my puppy despite the early diarrhea continued to behave healthy and gain weight during this time. Again one learns that a young pups immunity must be built up to fight against coccidia and other parasites. Please read about this online.
    Best of luck,

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