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    Hey all. I’m new here and hope someone can help! A year ago, my cat Tweak developed struvite crystals and had to have her bladder flushed. I changed her diet and started feeding her Wellness canned and Wysong Uretic. Unfortunately, she’s a [u]very[/u] picky eater. I was worried she wasn’t eating enough of the canned (some days she wouldn’t eat any), so I tried Fancy Feast. I know it’s not the best, but she’ll eat more of that than anything else and it was the only way I could get her to eat more canned food than dry.

    She now has crystals again. They did not flush her bladder this time, just gave me some food (Royal Canin SO) to acidify her urine (Wed.) with instructions of no dry food unless she stopped eating completely. Well, she ate 1/2 can of the SO, happily, but now won’t touch it. I can’t get her to try any of the other wet food. She only ate a quarter can of the SO on Thurs. morning, and by Thurs. evening I was so worried I gave her some of the dry Hill’s s/d, which she ate a little. Come Friday, she wasn’t eating anything and no evidence of drinking either. So, I mixed a little tuna juice with some water and she drank it down. A little later, I offered her some Fancy Feast, of which she ate 1/2 can. Then she had two nice urninations — normal sized finally. That evening, wouldn’t eat anything again. I left a little dry out overnight and she ate some but not much. Saturday morning, she wouldn’t eat anything wet. So, again the tuna juice/water, since she was back to little droplets of urine tinged with blood. She wouldn’t touch that and still no evidence of drinking any water. I gave her some Wysong pro-biotic (-) in water via a syringe and also a couple syringes of plain, reverse-osmosis water and later she ate 3/4 can of Fancy Feast.

    So, what to do? More Fancy Feast? I’m so worried about her not eating and developing liver issues. She was so playful Saturday morning that I had hoped the tuna juice and pro-biotic had gotten her over the hump. Then I see more tiny droplets in the box and then blood in the urine later HELP! I’m going out of my mind, chasing her around with every decent wet food on the market amd she’ll only eat junk! Now she’s avoiding the litter box so I can’t check her urine volume. Luckily, her new favorite spot is over the drain on the basement floor, so I can at least see if there’s blood. (Sun. am – no blood; at about a tablespoon of Fancy Feast + pro-biotic (-) in a syringe w/water.)

    Any advice?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=My Cats’ Mom]
    Any advice?[/quote]

    [b]No dry food[/b] (at all). The more fresh (real) food the better. Especially beef (which will increase acidification of the urine). The better the diet, the fewer the urinary symptoms as this is a markedly diet-related disease (with emotional stress being a close second causative factor IMHO).

    In addition, you should be using vitamin C and Cranberry NS and pushing fluids as much as possible (water, milk, chicken broth, etc.). Consult an experienced veterinary homeopath so that you can start internal energetic treatment of her imbalance right away. This will both help the immediate symptoms as well as reduce the likelihood of recurrence (or other deeper symptoms).

    Good luck with Tweak.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thanks for your help. Tweak is doing a little better; between the Wellness canned and Fancy Feast, she’s eaten 3.5 oz of wet food in her last two feedings, which I think is good for a 10lb. cat. Her urination this am was decent, too, with no visible sign of blood.

    I did some more research yesterday and used your link to Dr. Pierson’s article on coaxing cats to eat wet food. We got rid of all the dry food — completely removed it from the house so she can’t even smell it. As far as supplementing with Vit. C and the CranberryNS, I do have some liquid Vit. C (acsorbic acid) but I’m not sure how much to give and how to give it. She usually won’t touch any food that has even a hint of a supplement in or on it. Maybe that will change once she is completely converted to wet food. I could give it to her via syringe but I’m now worried about stressing her since stress is linked to this condition as well. (I haven’t given her any water in a syringe since yesterday afternoon for this same reason.)

    When I had this problem last year, I tried chicken broth and raw chicken but she wouldn’t do it. The tuna juice with water worked once. Skim milk worked once. I don’t know why she’ll only try things one time, seem enthusiastic, and then turn her nose up another time. She does the same thing with wet food. First time, “Umm. Yummy!” next time, “I don’t think so.” Right now she’ll only eat the wet food if I run a little on her gums, put some on my finger, and make little balls that she’ll eat out of my hand or one by one on the floor in front of her. Maybe this will change when she realizes she is never going to see dry food again! At any rate, she certainly has me trained well . . .

    I used your link to try and find a vet who uses homeopathy but there is only one in Michigan, and he is on the other side of the state and doesn’t take phone consults. I do have a good friend who does Reiki and I think I’ll have her come over and check out Tweak’s energy if you think that may help.

    Also, what is the CranberryNS and where do I find it? How does the Vit C & Cranberry work compared to the Wysong Probiotic pH (-)?

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