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    My young cat just had a single kitten. First of all is it unusual for her to only have one? Is something wrong with her?

    My cat (whose name is [b]8[/b]) is taking good care of the new kitten (named [b]1[/b]). Another question I have is when can [b]1[/b] start to eat food? She is 3 weeks and 4 days old today (Friday June 2nd). he just started to walk around yesterday. Is that normal? is she progressing slowly/fast/normal?

    Oh yeah, [b]8[/b] has always been a glutton of sorts and we only appease her occasionally with more food but we feel like we should give in to her more now that she is nursing. are we correct.

    Also any general helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    By the way, I name all my animals after numbers so dont think their names are so weird.


    Everythings normal to me. I would leave food out for the mom cat so she can eat when she wants. If you think she will really over eat then portion feed several times a day. I doubt 1 kitten will cause much strain on her milk supply. At about 4 weeks you could grind up dry kitten formula and mix with warm water into a thin pudding mixture so the kitten will lick it up. If you feed canned meat you could put some in the mixture too but not necessary. 5 to 6 weeks old soak some dry kitten food till soft for the kitten. 7 to 8 weeks old the kitten could try to eat dry food and be weaned off of mom.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=MikeB]you could grind up dry kitten formula a7 to 8 weeks old the kitten could try to eat dry food and be weaned off of mom.[/quote]

    I agree that the kitten can definitely start eating real, gruel-consistency food. Dry food however, is not an appropriate diet for any cat let alone a kitten (read the important feline nutrition articles in my library).

    Try feeding wet kitten food (meat-based) mixed with a little milk or water. Some kittens at 4 weeks don’t even need the gruel and just dive into the regular wet food. You could even start introducing small amounts of real meat and/or bones if you are so inclined (again, see the nutrition area for more info).

    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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